This summer I’ve been in a full on decluttering and organising all of my belongings binge. One thing that had been bugging me for months was my bathroom. I had so many beauty products that it was just ridiculous, I couldn’t possibly use them all and I didn’t have the space to keep them, so they were just bursting out of cupboards and spread all over the place which made my bathroom very hard to keep tidy. So I decided to have a major clear out and I’ve been so ruthless with getting rid of things and I’ve only allowed myself to keep a few bits that I’ll actually be able to use up in a sensible time frame. I always get bath and body products for my birthdays and Christmas and these have all just added up over time and I had a huge collection so I decided to really be sensible in what I kept and bin or give away the things I had for ages or knew I would never use. I love watching decluttering youtube videos so I thought I’d share how I’ve decluttered the products in my bathroom in a blog post and hopefully this will be as satisfying for you as it was for me!

The photos above show what was going on before I began this, I had one cupboard with three box type shelves completely filled up with hair products, body wash, moisturisers and all sorts, to the point where I couldn’t get into the things at the back without knocking everything further forward onto the floor. I also had below this cupboard two shelves that housed my skin care and other random bits of bobs. This also spread out into the actual bathroom and extras were in a Dunelm wire storage stand and a couple of boxes at the bottom of the bath.

To begin I got a bin bag, disinfectant wipes and put on Ariana Grande’s Sweetener album and started to organise the mayhem. First of all I took everything out of my bathroom cabinets, I share my bathroom with my brother but I take up the majority of the storage space so I emptied almost every cabinet in the bathroom. This was a bit overwhelming and I immediately regretted my decision to start decluttering but I knew once I was finished I would feel so much better. The above photo is what I started with in the cupboard section, the top section was filled with extra tooth paste, extra toothbrush heads, baby shampoo for washing my makeup brushes, spare razors etc. Under that had a lot of my body wash, moisturisers and hand cream. The last section in the cupboard was an overflow of the top two. Under the cupboard was my skin care which as you can see I could not get to at all without having to take loads of things off the top of the tray, and above that had other random things.

The first thing I tackled was the boxes on the floor near the bath to give me some room to organise what I’d took out of the cupboard. First of all I sorted out my Lush bath bombs, I used to go through a phase of always going into Lush and I couldn’t leave without buying something, so my bath bomb collection grew and I couldn’t use them up faster than I was buying them so I ended up with loads. I was really ruthless with this section as I had some that were really old and it wouldn’t have been healthy to use them so I just binned them. I made my decisions by thinking about how old they were and if I would be able to buy it again soon, like I had some Halloween ones and Christmas ones from a few years ago that I hadn’t used so I got rid of them as I know I’ll be able to buy new, more in date ones in a few months. I also kept the ones that I had recently bought and I now only have a couple.

After I had sorted through all of the bath bombs I went through the gold Dunelm wire stand and got rid of things that I didn’t want, I added the stand with the rest of the things on the floor that I took out of the cupboard so I could see what I was working with.

I then sorted through all of the things that were on the floor and that were left in the gold wire stand, I binned products that were really old or had been used and I created two piles, one was a keep pile and the other was a pile to give away to friends, family and charity. In the photo above you can see the piles I began to create, the left pile was to give away and the right pile was to keep.

After this I separated my ‘keep’ pile into categories, body wash, moisturisers, bath products, body scrubs, hair care, hand cream and random bits. Then I cut it down even more, I only allowed myself to keep a maximum of five per product, so I only kept at the most five body washes, five moisturisers etc.

Lastly it was time to tackle the skin care and the other random bits and bobs that were floating around like spare toothpaste etc. I was really ruthless with my skin care as well and I only allowed myself to keep at the most three of each product, I got rid of quite a lot of old products as I didn’t think it was a good idea to put old skin care on my face. Now in one of the white plastic boxes I have all of my skin care, I keep my face masks in that Glossier pink bubble wrap pouch, in the other white box is where all the extras go like tooth paste, makeup brush cleaner and different Clarisonic heads. I also have a Zoella bag that has a couple of hair bobbles in for when I wash my face and can’t be bothered to go back to my room to get one, my Clarisonic charger, flannels etc.

So once I had sorted through everything I began to put it all back into the cupboard and the wire stand. Before I did that though I cleaned every product and every shelf and cupboard with antibacterial wipes. Now the top of the cupboard has the box with the spare toothpastes, Clarisonic heads and makeup brush cleaner. The second shelf has hair care such as shampoo and conditioner, hair masks, body moisturisers, hand cream and foot cream. Below that is my skin care, this was previously below the cupboard and I’m so pleased that it now fits into the cupboard as its going to be much easier to get what I need out of the box. Under the cupboard is so tidy and neat I love it, it only has the things I use every day, my Clarisonic, a trinket dish for putting jewellery on before I go in the shower and my tangle teezer.

In the Dunelm wire stand I have bath products on the top like bubble bath, bath fizzers and some Zoella bath products. The middle bit has body wash, body scrubs and two Lush in shower body conditioners. On the bottom bit is whats left of my bath bomb collection. That is it, that is whats left of my beauty collection, it was so satisfying to down size and its been so easy to keep the bathroom tidy now that everything has its place and products are not over flowing out of cupboards!



  1. 18/09/2018 / 4:20 am

    Loved reading this! I love Declutters as well. I love getting new products and I also tend to hoard them, but there are only so many products I can use before they go off. I’ve just done a clear out of body and skincare stuff as I discovered some smelt a little funky and was past two years old!

    Maddie |

    • Sophie
      21/10/2018 / 1:01 pm

      Thank you! Decluttering is so satisfying! x

  2. Candy Grant
    04/12/2018 / 10:09 am

    Omg! I am sooo happy to read this!! I love declutering and also the before and after pictures. Now I feel like I have to do the same at my bathroom…


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