Some of you may know already but I’ve just got back from a holiday to Mexico with my mum. When we first arrived at our hotel, we were offered the chance to spend two nights at one of their sister hotels for free. We were not sure if we should do it or not as we didn’t quite understand why they would offer us this, but we took the chance and chose to go to the El Dorado Maroma adults only hotel. I am so pleased that we took the risk and went because the hotel was absolutely stunning. When we first arrived our cases were taken off us and stored until our room was ready. While we were checking in we were offered champagne or water and given a cold flannel to cool off with. Half way through checking in a lady from the spa came with a warm shoulder compress and put it on our shoulders which felt amazing! We were then given a tour of the stunning resort and had lunch on the beach while we waited for our room.

El Dorado Maroma is situated on the Maroma beach which is named one of the 10 best beaches of the world! The hotel itself is absolutely gorgeous, it is so luxurious and there are just palm trees everywhere! The decoration and style of the hotel just makes it so much more special, the plants, flowers and rockeries are lined with coconuts as a border it just looks so good! Its an actual paradise!

Our room was ready once we had finished our lunch and we were escorted to it. Just after lunch we had been having a look around the resort as we had been given our room number when we checked in so we were looking around the resort trying to find our room. I was hoping for one of the rooms that had wooden stairs leading up to it with a thatched roof as they’re so picturesque, but we didn’t have one of them, we were in a newer looking building at the back of the complex which I thought wouldn’t be as good. But I couldn’t have been more wrong! We walked into our room and I spotted a sofa, I looked left and there was a dining table and a kitchen. Once I turned around I spotted a corridor, to the left was a huge bathroom with two sinks, a jacuzzi, one normal shower, an outdoor shower and there was still more! I came out of the bathroom I spotted a huge queen size bed, a flat screen tv across from it and still there was more! There was another living room with another tv and huge sofa. The balcony overlooked the jungle and there were palm trees as far as the eye could see. Once the member of staff had shown us our room and left us I was speechless, I couldn’t believe we had been given a junior jacuzzi suite which costs almost $600 per night! Sorry that the room photos aren’t the best & feature mine and my mums mess but I wasn’t planning on using these photos anywhere other than for personal use.

After we had got over the shock of where we’d be staying for the next two nights we got our bikinis on and went down to the beach where we were greeted by the beach butler! We were given bottles of water, an ice lolly and beach towels, he even lay them on the beds for us! The beach butler kept coming back and getting us drinks and anything we needed while we relaxed in absolute heaven. The view in front of us was of the beautiful Caribbean sea, to the left was the Maroma Marina and to the right was El Dorado Maroma’s new over water bungalows which will be open in September of this year.

We came back to the room after relaxing on the beach for a few hours and got ready to go for dinner. The El Dorado Maroma has 6 restaurants to choose from and on this night we chose the Italian. The restaurant served Italian cuisine so it wasn’t your usual pizza and pasta but it was still delicious and the waiters were lovely. We were so tired after this so we just took some photos and headed back to our room. When we got back, there was a towel art rabbit on the bed and the corners of the sheets had even been turned down and we were given mints on our pillows! My mum was reading a book that had in everything we needed to know about the hotel and she came across a pillow menu!! A pillow menu I kid you not, you could choose the softness of your pillows if you wanted, absolutely crazy! It was like somewhere you’d see Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl stay!

The next day we spent at the beach again just relaxing and drinking cocktails, there was a gorgeous breeze on the beach this day so it didn’t feel too hot but it did lead to me not realising that I was burning! On the evening we tried their Mexican restaurant, and the food wasn’t what I expected, it was all very posh versions of Mexican classics. But it was absolutely delicious and again the waiters were so lovely and even made special requests to the chef for vegan items for me.

We loved the hotel so much that we didn’t want to go back to our original hotel so we asked if we could upgrade and stay at that hotel for the rest of our holiday but unfortunately they were fully booked. But I am so grateful that I was able to experience such an amazing hotel like the El Dorado Maroma and my mum and I have said that we will definitely be returning and staying in one of their new overwater bungalows asap!

You can find out more about the beautiful El Dorado Maroma resort along with their two sister resorts on their website here.


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