Winter isn’t my favourite season of the year, as much as I love snow I prefer warm temperatures and sunny days. I find it difficult at this time of the year to get motivated and get back into the swing of things after the festive period, so I’ve listed some of the things that I love to do to help make winter a little bit more bearable.

Face masks – I feel like everyone needs to treat their skin right in the winter with a good moisturising face mask. The Lush rosy cheeks mask is one of the best to use especially when the cold weather can dry out your skin. This is my favourite face mask as it leaves my skin looking much more even in colour and my pores look visibly smaller when I use this.

Skin care – My skin always needs that extra bit of hydration in the colder months so along with a good face mask I like to apply a thick moisturiser on an evening to allow to soak into my skin over night. My current favourite to use on an evening is the Pixi rose fresh balm*. I like to apply a thick layer so it really sinks in great over night, in the morning my skin feels amazing and doesn’t have any dry patches. This is the prefect preparation for foundation application the next morning, I don’t like to put moisturiser on before foundation as I don’t like the way it my foundation applies on top of it. So I like to do this the night before to ensure I still look after my skin and prevent dry patches that can become even more noticeable with foundation application.

Hand creams – I always get sore and cracked knuckles at this time of the year if I don’t moisturise with a hand cream constantly. I am never without a hand cream at this time of the year, my current favourites are The Body Shop hand creams in festive plum and festive berries. They smell delicious and leave my hands feeling refreshed for hours.

Scarves and hats – This is quite an obvious one if you live in a cold country but there’s nothing I love more than throwing on a scarf and hat when its chilly outside. Its like being wrapped in a blanket but more socially acceptable than leaving your house in a duvet! I love throwing hats on if my hair isn’t looking its best as its just so easy as I don’t have to do anything with my hair! I especially love hats with two bobbles on the top so it looks like animal ears, these two from New look are the ones I wear most often.

Netflix movies/shows – When its cold and miserable outside theres nothing I love doing more than cozying up and watching TV or Netflix. I’ve recently gave in and subscribed to Disney Life and I’m so glad I did! I have been watching loads of Disney movies and I’m currently rewatching my childhood favourite, Hannah Montana. My room now feels super cozy with the gorgeous teddy bear bedding I’ve got on my bed and my new larger TV that I got for Christmas, I didn’t think my bed could get any comfier but it has and its the perfect place for watching movies on winter days.

Hot chocolate – Hot chocolate is the only hot drink I drink so its perfect to warm up with at this time of year! When I make it at home I put in some orange syrup, top it off with vegan marshmallows, soy whipped cream and it just makes me feel super cozy especially if I drink it in bed while watching TV.

Candles – I love lighting candles at this time of year for an extra cozy feel to my room. My favourites are the Harpers Candles, they’re vegan and made of soy wax rather than bees wax. My favourite scent at the moment is their Karma candle, it smells so good and reminds me of those cute little shops that sell dream catchers and crystals! Another favourite scent is their Daisy Chain candle, it smells gorgeous!


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