My favourite season is summer, I have always believed that I am meant to live on a tropical island not in the rainy UK, as I just love the sun so much! I have been loving this heat wave we have been experiencing recently so I thought I’d share with you the makeup I’ve been wearing recently that enhances a summer glow.

SPFHawaiian Tropic Satin Protection – I have never liked putting sun cream on my face because no matter what I tried it always looked greasy, so I never wore it as I cant stand looking shiny. But I’ve recently been super into skin care and anti ageing as I’ve realised that prevention is better than cure so I have been using SPF under my makeup to help keep me looking youthful! I use the Hawaiian Tropic aerosol spray and apply it on my face before putting on foundation. Aerosol sun protection will probably be the only sun protection I use from now until forever, I have always hated the feeling of sticky skin and thick sun creams on my skin, so finding this has been a life saver! This leaves no residue and sinks into your skin fast so its good for under makeup. I am not too sure about the healthiness of spraying an aerosol directly onto my face but for now it will have to do until I find a cream formula that isn’t like rubbing literal oil on your face.

FoundationToo Faced Born This Way – I wish I had a BB cream or tinted moisturiser to use as they are lighter and give more of a natural look but I don’t at the moment other wise I would be useing one of those. But the Too Faced born this way foundation can be applied so that it doesn’t look too heavy. I use a Real Techniques blending sponge to apply it and it just melts into your skin. The shade I am using at the moment is ‘nude’ it matches my skin perfectly for when I have a bit of a tan. I love the way it makes my skin look so natural and it gives a slight dewy look which is what I am such a fan of at the moment. I don’t use a separate concealer for this look as I want my skin to look as natural as possible, so I just take an extra bit of the foundation and put it more directly under my eyes to cancel out any darkness or visible veins.

Setting powderSoap and Glory Kick Ass Powder – I don’t like to wear a lot of powder in the summer as I like to look as naturally glowy as possible and not like I’ve got loads of makeup on. So I only put this power under my eyes, over my eyelids, around my nose and on my chin, just the places that I am likely to get a bit oily in. I avoid my cheeks and cheek bones so that the natural dewyness my skin has is not completely been made matte.

BronzerNARS Laguna Bronzer – I don’t really like contouring in the summer as I prefer to go for more of a natural look so I just put this bronzer on the hollows of my cheeks with a big brush to add warmth rather than sculpt. I also take it under my jaw line and on my neck and also round my hair line. I do take it in most of the places you’d usually contour but I don’t go for such a defined look, I prefer for it to give warmth to my skin rather than definition.

BlushSoap and Glory Wonder Bronze – I don’t like to add coloured blush to this look as I like to keep it as warm and bronzy as possible so a product like wonder bronze is perfect at giving you a subtle glow and life to your skin while staying really bronzy and warm.

HighlighterTopShop Cream Highlighter and The Balm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer – I start off highlighting with a TopShop cream highlighter in the shade ‘gleam’ as it is a bronzy gold shade and these are the only two colours I’m wanting on my face at the moment. I apply a small amount on my cheek bones, above the tail of my eyebrows, nose and cupids bow. I then blend it out with the same sponge I used for my foundation and then add more layers if I feel it is necessary. I then go over it with the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter to give an extra intense glow.

EyebrowsAnastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade – You can go super intense with this product or super natural so for summer I prefer to make my eyebrows look a bit more natural and less defined. I do still like them to be crisp and dark but not too drawn on, I like to be able to see lots of individual hairs on my brows as I feel like it gives a much more natural look. I use a Spectrum A17 brush and try to create the look of individual hairs towards the front of my eyebrows then I get more defined towards the tail end.

EyeshadowNARS Laguna Bronzer and The Balm Cosmetics highlighter – I love using the same product for more than one purpose, so I’ve been using the same bronzer that I use on face and the same highlighter. I take the bronzer in the crease and blend it out so it is really soft, then I add intensity closer to the lash line. I also take my highlighter and place it on the inner corners of my eyes to open them up and brighten them.

Setting SprayUrban Decay All Nighter – I set my face before applying mascara as I seem to squeeze my eyes too tight when I’m spraying it and end up getting mascara all over the place. This setting spray might be my all time favourite as I feel like it doesn’t add anything extra to your makeup look, it literally just sets it in place as it is and makes it stay put for hours.

MascaraToo Faced Better Than Sex – I don’t often wear eyeliner but I think with this natural glowy look it is best to skip eyeliner and just go straight for mascara. The Too Faced better than sex mascara gives your lashes length and volume.


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