Autumn is my favourite time of the year, I love everything about it, the fact that I can drink hot chocolate again and that I can wear gorgeous dark nail polishes on my nails without looking like a goth! If you know me or have followed my blog for a while, you will know that I am obsessed with nail polish, I have so many different colours I could open my own salon! So today I have picked eight of my favourite autumn nail varnish colours out of my collection to share with you all.

About 95% of my nail varnish collection is made up of Models Own and Barry M nail varnishes, this is just because I love their polishes so much! Models Own and Barry M’s nail varnishes are vegan and they’re both cruelty free brands and even though their polishes are super affordable, they’re such good quality.

When I think of autumn I think of oranges, mustards, dark reds/purples and olive greens, so I’ve stuck to this colour palette when choosing these polishes. On the top row beginning at the left hand side is Barry M’s polish in the shade ‘paprika‘, this colour is such a gorgeous burnt orange/brown which screams autumn. Next to that is Models Own’s ‘chrome rose‘ which is a new colour from the chrome collection, this colour is a stunning metallic rose gold colour. Next is Barry M’s polish in the shade ‘vengeance is wine‘, this colour is a classic deep blood red from their sunset collection. After that is the gorgeous Models Own polish in the shade ‘nude icing‘ from their icings collection. This shade is in a matte bottle which would make you think that the polish is matte but sadly its not, it is super glossy. It still is a beautiful shade when its glossy but I much prefer to put a matte topcoat over the top of this one. On the second row beginning at the left hand side is Barry M’s ‘plum on baby‘ polish, this is another classic autumn colour in a deep purple shade. After that is an unusual colour but this one has to be my favourite, it is Barry M’s ‘mustard‘, a lot of people wouldn’t go for this colour but I love it, it looks so much nicer on your nails than you think it would! After that is Models Own’s ‘Becca’s brown‘ which is a rich mushroom brown shade and lastly is Barry M’s polish in the shade ‘chilli‘ which is more of a burnt orange red than a blood red.

So those are my favourite nail polish colours for this autumn, I will be wearing them up until Christmas when I can whip the glitter polish out! I have got 4 different shades on my nails right now as I just couldn’t decide on one! What are your favourite nail colours to wear in autumn?


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