Autumn is my favourite season for fashion, I’m not at all fashionable these days, all I care about is comfort. I only ever wear jeans and a top but I like to try to make some effort with my outfits and add on accessories to spice it up a bit! In this blog post I’m sharing my favourite autumn style accessories which I think would fit in with any particular style.

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Hats – I love hats, any kind really but the kind I gravitate towards most are warm wooly bobble hats. I have a large selection of these types of hats and my collection grows more each autumn and winter. I stick to the dark autumn colours with faux fur bobbles on top I think these look the cutest!

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Scarfs – A necessity for the colder months are scarfs, I love scarfs so much I have so many in loads of different materials and styles, they can spice up an outfit instantly and are just like wearing a blanket around your neck, what could be better? I remember last winter actually wearing my scarf around my shoulders like a blanket in one of my lectures, they’re dual purpose! I love scarfs with frills on the ends, especially checked ones.

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Gloves – You wouldn’t think I only had two hands with the amount of gloves that I own. I can’t get enough of cute gloves that resemble animals! Accessorize never fails on the gloves front and again this year they have some adorable gloves, my favourite are the fox ones above.

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Faux leather jacket – Faux leather jackets have been an autumn style staple of mine for years, they just match every outfit and make everything look so much more put together! I wear mine over jumpers, hoodies, t-shirts, absolutely everything and it always looks really nice with anything. This year I bought a new faux leather jacket from Miss Selfridge (first one in the image above) as the one I had previously was from Topshop and it was just too thick to wear jumpers underneath. I love the one I have now, its got gold details on and fits really nicely. I think a black jacket is classic and will match everything but I do love different coloured ones that a lot of stores have out now. I especially love the colour range from Zara.

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Boots – I love wearing boots in the colder months, its a good change to wearing converse like I usually do. I really like ankle boots and this season I’ve found some really nice affordable ones especially in New Look, they have so many different varieties of ankle boots at the moment.


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