In today’s post I’m sharing my favourite nail polishes that I like to wear around the festive period. The majority of these nail polishes are glittery but I feel like this is the best time of the year to wear glitter, on everything!

Starting at the top I have picked a gorgeous green glitter polish that screams Christmas, in the shade emerald city by Models Own. I am usually not keen on green nail polish but this one I absolutely love. The glitter is so concentrated that you don’t even need a green coloured base coat underneath.

The next colour I picked is another glitter, it’s gold this time from the Models Own Headkandi collection which they had a few years ago, I can’t find this polish online so they may have discontinued this polish. It is in the shade ‘disco heaven’ and it is just a really thick glitter, mainly gold flecks but with some silver and blue to give it dimension.

To the right of that is a gold colour, from their colour chrome collection in the shade ‘chrome gold‘. This polish is hard to describe, its kind of like a matte metallic, heres what it looks like on the nails. This is a polish shade that hints to Christmas as it is gold but, its not too obvious like some of the glitters. I always get complimented on my nails whenever I wear this as it is such a unique colour and finish.

Next is a plain bright red that I like to put under the red glitter pictured below that polish, in the shade ‘red alert‘. The red glitter polish pictured below is in the shade ‘scarlet sparkle’, it is the same as the green glitter just in red. The red and green glitter polish go beautifully together if you alternate them on each nail for super festive nails!

The two white glitters are from the Models Own winter wonderland collection they had out a few years ago, the top is the shade ‘snow flake’ and the bottom ‘jack frost’. Snow flake is more on the cream side with thick big irregular chunks of glitter and jack frost is much finer cooler toned white glitter, both are absolutely gorgeous for the cold winter months. These go lovely on their own as a subtle colour or over a lovely pastel blue or pink.

To the right of the white glitters is a gold polish in the shade ‘gold rush‘, I got this a few years ago and it was one of my favourite polish shades ever! I still love it to this day, it is ever so slightly shimmery but its not obviously glittery like the others. It gives off a gorgeous bright yellow gold glow and it literally looks like liquid gold.

Lastly is the gold glitter in the shade ‘freak out’ which I think was from from their mirror ball collection, again a few years ago. Sorry that some of these polishes are so old and no longer available, I still have them in my collection as they’re still going strong and I don’t feel the need to replace them with new ones. Models Own do have updated polishes today that are very similar, but this one is just a classic glitter and all of the glitter flecks are different colours which I’ve seen a few brands bring out.


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