Every occasion or holiday, without fail I do some sort of photoshoot with my bunnies and this year is no different. I’ve done a halloween photoshoot with my rabbits Pepper and Hector and I just had to share the photos with you all as they’re the cutest things ever! Pepper the tiny bunny is usually the well behaved one out of the two but today she was not cooperating and just wouldn’t sit still! Hector my naughty boy was actually a perfect model today, posing and being extremely cute!

To take these photos I set up a little ‘stage’ with pumpkins, fake cobwebs, ghost bunting and other little halloween props. I put up a little pen around the corner I set it up in so they couldn’t run away too far and for about half an hour I tried to take photos of them. I think its so important to take it slow with animals if you’re doing anything like this, let them do their own thing. Don’t force them to sit in a particular place and get them stressed, just feed them treats and keep it fun for them that is how you’ll get the best photos. The tiny bunny Pepper is so easy to pick up so a couple of times if she ran out of the ‘stage’ I picked her up and plopped her back but I didn’t keep doing it over and over as she would have got very stressed and angry, to keep her still I fed her treats with one hand and took pictures with the other.


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