I have had plenty of times where I’ve had a break from blogging and I’ve had to get myself back into the habit of creating posts and getting ideas flowing again. The first post is always the most difficult so for what ever reason you have for having a break wether it be intentional or unintentional here are my top tips for getting that first post done and dusted and back into the swing of things.

Blog Makeover – If you’ve been away for quite a while you might want to give your blog a bit of a makeover. Whether that is going all out and changing your blog layout and theme or just updating your profile picture this little bit of a freshen up will hopefully give you the kick and enthusiasm to get back into posting regularly.

First Post Back – I follow a lot of amazing bloggers and I envy where they get their ideas from, they all seem to post deep meaningful advice filled posts and it makes me feel like what ever I post just isn’t good enough but not every post needs to be so inspirational. I’m trying hard to not put pressure on myself when it comes to this kind of thing because I end up feeling overwhelmed when I cant come up with such great ideas and end up not posting anything. So if you’re feeling like this too and this is holding you back from creating that first post back, try not to over think it. I quite like my first post back being an update post, either about why you were gone or what you’ve been up to while you were away. I think this type of personal post makes you more relatable and gives your readers a bit of an insight into who is writing your blog. Its quite an easy post to write for your first post back and the first post back is usually the hardest so once you’ve got that out of the way with you’ll be on a roll!

Schedule – After you’ve published that first post back its time to think about more post ideas. This may not work for everyone but for me I like to have a schedule and post routinely. My current routine is one post a week on the same day every week as it is just easier for me to get organised that way. If this works for you too then once you’ve decided on your upload schedule start getting ideas together of what things you want to continue posting about.

Blog Post Ideas – Write a list of a few topics or posts that you know you want to create, if you’re totally stuck Pinterest has loads of blog post idea pins that might give you a bit of inspiration for your list. I like thinking about what month and seasons it is for inspiration. For example if it was October I would be thinking about Halloween and autumn for post ideas. Once you’ve got your list of blog posts, start drafting them and fully write a couple of them so you can schedule some posts for the next few weeks as it is easier to keep on top of.

Interaction – If you’ve been away for a little while try to get back into the blogging world by interacting with other bloggers on twitter and instagram, catching up with your favourite blogs and bloggers by reading their newest posts. Blogging can be a lonely business if you don’t have anyone around you who understands blogs and social media, especially if you’ve not been as active online as you once were so trying to connect with other bloggers and seeing whats new will hopefully get you back into that blogger mindset.

They’re all of the things I do to get back into the blogging world, I hope they were somewhat helpful and if you’ve been on a break and are wanting to come back the first post is always the hardest so just go for it and you’ll be on a roll in no time!


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