I’ve recently been into wearing a bit more make up, because I’ve got so much of it and hardly use any of it! I’ve started off by just adding a bit of my usual bronzer into the crease of my eyelids to give them some more dimension and I love how it just brings my whole make up together! Recently I cleaned out my room and got rid of a load of junk, I did the same in my make up draw but I still have load of lipsticks left and I don’t know why as lipstick is something I rarely wear. I’m always terrified of it smudging off all over my face when I’m not aware, but liquid lipsticks have been popular for some time now and since they claim to stay on your lips no matter what I thought I’d give them a try. I’m a huge Kardashian/Jenner fan and had wanted to try Kylies lip kits since she first released them, but of course they were always sold out. But it just so happened that I was on instagram when I she said that she was restocking, so at 4.45 I was ready and waiting with my credit card on her website for them to launch. My heart was racing and I don’t really know why as it wouldn’t have been the end of the world if I hadn’t got them. I think because they are so limited, this tricks people into thinking they need them, that definitely happened to me as I know I might only wear True Brown K on Halloween as much as its a cool colour. Once I had purchased them all I was feeling major buyers remorse, I always wait to purchase things if they’re going to cost me a lot and think do I really need this? But I didn’t have time to think about it with these so I just got them all!

Each kit comes with a lip liner and a liquid lipstick, I like that they come in a pair as you don’t have to faff on finding a lipliner to match. The lip liners are so creamy and glide on your lips well, although they aren’t as long lasting as the lipsticks due to their creaminess. Once the lipstick has dried thats it, its not budging one bit! Which is a great thing for me since I’m so petrified of lipstick smudging. I have had Posie K on for a few hours now, I’ve ate, drank and kissed my bunnies and it hasn’t faded at all. The wearing power is incredible! You don’t even feel like you’ve got anything on your lips which is nice. All of the colours dry matte and have a velvet texture when set. All apart from True Brown K are super opaque, True Brown K is a bit streaky and needs two coats. They all have a distinct smell to them which is quite vanilla-ry and sweet which may put some people off, but once they’re dry you can’t smell it at all.

Top to bottom – Koko K, Candy K, Dolce K, True Brown K, Posie K and Mary Jo K.

Kylie Cosmetics are cruelty free and all apart from Candy K are vegan! This is such a big step in the right direction for cosmetics companies as someone so influential could have easily teamed up with a huge company like L’oreal who test on animals religiously. I am so happy that brands are seeing that there is no need to test on animals in this day and age, so thank you for that Kylie! 

I definitely think these are worth the hype and you can purchase these from Kylies website when she restocks them, which is very soon apparently! I havent included swatches in this post as my lips are thicker on one side and all of the photos looked wonky and ridiculous so I’ll just leave those types of photos to the professionals, you can see loads of swatches on all different skin tones on Kylie Cosmetics instagram page. 

Have you tried these lipsticks yet? What are your thoughts?


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