I get so excited at this time of the year when Lush are starting to bring out their festive products. I have probably tried all of Lush’s bath bombs that they have ever sold and it’s always exciting to try the new ones that they bring out for Halloween and Christmas. This time I only bought bath bombs as I have a ridiculous amount of shower gels and soaps at home already.

My favourite product I bought has to be the pumpkin bath bomb! It is such a cute classic Halloween item and it is scented with vanilla and cinnamon which smells amazing!

The next bath bomb I got is autumn leaf, I love seeing the orange autumn leaves fall from the trees at this time of year and this bath bomb is just a beautiful representation of fallen leaves. It is a mixture of autumn colours that is sure to make a rainbow in your bath! It has a really fresh scent of lemon in it but also sandalwood oil which helps to make the scent richer and more warming.

The last bath bomb I bought is the monster’s ball bath bomb, it is a gorgeous lilac colour with blue monster horns which when in your bath will create a stunning mix of pink and blue water. This one is probably my favourite scent wise, it also contains citrus, this time lime which keeps the rich scents fresh. I also contains cocoa butter to sweeten it up and make your skin so soft!

Lastly I bought the sparkly pumpkin bubble bar, which I do every year, it is just a classic Lush halloween product. Its covered in gold glitter and once you run it under the water it creates loads of bubbles and lovely glittery orange water.

They are all of the products I bought from the Halloween collection, I didn’t notice that they had another bath bomb called lord of misrule so I will definitely be going back to purchase that one!

Have you tried any of the Lush halloween collection? Which is your favourite product?


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