If you saw my blog post a few weeks ago about my Hollywood eyelash extensions that I got done for my holiday you will know that I was disappointed with them as my usual beautician didn’t do them. I had a different person do them and she didn’t do them as dramatic as I would have liked. Anyway I got over that and came across LVL lash lift by Nouveau Lashes and gave it a try for my birthday.

The LVL lash lift is a treatment that you have on your natural lashes which straightens them from root to tip upwards and tints them darker. You can get your lashes lifted to different angles, my beautician used the smallest size on me to give the tightest look to my lashes. You can also get medium and large which gives less of a dramatic effect. My beautician used a pad which is similar to the pads that you can put under your eye to prevent eyeshadow fallout falling onto your face, under my eyes and over my bottom lashes to conceal them and prevent them being caught in the top lashes when I had my eyes closed. Once she had done that I closed my eyes and she placed the small silicone shield on my top eyelid along my lash line. She then proceeded to use a special brush to stick my top eyelashes to the shield and use the treatments on my lashes, the whole procedure was very relaxing and comfortable I couldn’t feel a thing. The procedure takes about 45 minutes, lasts for 6 to 8 weeks and cost me £40.

Before and straight after the treatment

In the photos above, you can see what my eyelashes looked like before the treatment and what they looked like straight after. In the after photo you can see that my eyelashes look so much longer and darker, they still had the conditioning treatment on them when I took the photo so they look quite hard but once its washed off they go back to their normal texture and softness. I am so happy with the results of this treatment I cant believe that they are my own lashes! Theres no maintenance with this unlike eyelash extensions where you have to get infills every two weeks the treatment just wears off naturally when your new cycle of eyelashes grow in. I will definitely be getting this treatment again as they look so good with and without makeup, they just totally change the look of my eyes. The only down side that I have found is that when you try to put mascara on it is a right hassle as my eyelashes almost touch my eyelids and it makes a mess on my eyelids. I don’t feel the need to wear mascara with everyday makeup with this treatment as I don’t wear eyeshadow during the day, but when I put eyeshadow on my eyelashes disappear and I feel like they needed a coat of mascara to be able to stand out properly.

What do you think? Are you as impressed with this treatment as I am? I’m obsessed and definitely will be getting it again!


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  1. 10/08/2016 / 4:25 pm

    Your eyelashes look absolutely beautiful!! I've always wanted to get lash extensions but I've been put off by the maintenance and disaster stories I've heard.
    I definitely need to find somewhere that does this treatment. They look incredible!



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