If you’re an active member of the blogging and youtube beauty community you will probably have heard that the brand Glossier has been released in the UK. I first heard about this brand through Anna, I think about a year ago and I have been wanting to try it ever since. I only bought two products (technically four as one is a set) as I restrained myself so much and only bought things that I don’t have similar already or that I felt like I needed skin care wise. In this post I share with you my thoughts on the products I picked up.

I have seen people do massive orders and hauls where they have literally bought everything Glossier produces, but I didn’t feel the urge to buy loads. I am happy with the makeup I am using at the moment and for the skin care bits I own, I’m planning on using up then just buying a full range of skin care from just one brand in the future.

Boy Brow – £14

I bought the boy brow with no hesitation as I have heard such good things about it. I used to love the Benefit gimme brow, but as they’re not cruelty free I can’t use it anymore and I’ve not really found anything as good. I have heard that this Glossier boy brow is very similar to the Benefit one but doesn’t leave your brow hairs hard crunchy like a lot of these types of products can. I bought this as I have switched back from a pomade formula for my brows to a powder and I felt like I needed something to set them in place. I have used this a couple of times since getting it and I really like it. It is perfect for days when you’re not wearing makeup and just want to give your brows a bit of natural definition or when you are wearing makeup it is lovely to set them in place. I can agree with the claim that it doesn’t leave your brow hairs hard, it reminds me of a cream texture when you apply it but it is very wearable and doesn’t budge throughout the day.

Glossier Phase 1 Set – £35

The last thing I got is technically three products but I bought them in a set, I wanted to try all three of these products and getting them in the ‘Glossier Phase 1’ set saved me £8. The set includes the ‘Milky Jelly‘ cleanser, the ‘Priming Moisturiser‘ and the ‘Balm Dotcom‘.

The cleanser is a gel formula, I don’t think I had ever tried a cleanser like this before trying this one. It is designed to be gentle enough that you can use on your eyes yet still powerful enough to remove makeup and dirt from the rest of your skin. It is made with a blend of five skin conditioners so it is not going to strip your skin of moisture and leave it feeling tight. It can be used as a face wash and to remove makeup, so far I have only used this on clean skin in the morning to freshen my skin. I haven’t tried it for removing makeup so I can’t say how good it is at that yet. But the first time I tried it just to cleanse my skin I was so impressed! It felt nice and cooling when I was washing my face and afterwards it left my skin super soft and matte without stripping all of the moisture away.

The moisturiser is something that really intrigued me as I always apply foundation straight onto my skin with out priming or moisturising, which I know is really bad for my skin. I’ve just never liked the way makeup applies on top of products like that. So since this moisturiser is a moisturiser especially for makeup application I thought I’d give it a try. I used this under my makeup yesterday and I have to admit I didn’t see any noticeable difference in my foundation application to how it usually applies. I might try one day applying this first on one half of my face and just straight foundation on the other half and see if there is a difference in wear through out the day. It has an ‘anti-redness’ complex which is supposed to smooth and minimise the appearance of pores. I think it actually did smooth over my pores which made foundation application much smoother.

Lastly in the set is the ‘Balm Dotcom’, this is a product that you can use on your lips and anywhere else you might need hydration. I am always up for trying new lip balms so I was excited to give this one a go. They do quite a few different versions of this product, some are tinted and some are scented but I just went for the original plain one for now to see how I liked it. The texture is quite waxy and thick, I like that as I feel like its really going to do my skin some good. I have been using this on my lips ever since I got it, I really like it so far, it is the perfect formula mix between being not too sticky and not to thin that it rubs off straight away. I have used this on my cuticles and elbows as well and I love the way it makes my skin feel.

Overall I am really impressed with the products I got from Glossier this time, I definitely think I’ll be purchasing some more of their products in the near future. I already have my eye on a few other products! Have you tried Glossier yet, what are your must have products?


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