My favourite nail polish brand has to be Models Own, they have so many colours to choose from and for the price the quality is amazing. I went along to one of their bottle shops with the intention of only buying their new ‘Polish For Tans’ collection but ended up getting easily tempted by their 6 for £20 deal and came out with 12 polishes, so this is what I bought!

Polish For Tans Collection – A few years ago Models Own brought out a collection designed to enhance your tan and this summer they have added five new shades to this collection. Their original 5 polishes were beautiful neon shades ranging from hot pink to a lime green, their new shades are just as neon but are all within the pinky purple colour range. My favourite shade from this new collection has to be Beach Hut as it is the perfect pastel neon peachy orange shade! This colour is literally all I’ve been looking for in a nail varnish, this is my ultimate favourite colour!

Soft Pop Collection – If it had been 2013 I would have felt the need to buy this whole collection but I was sensible and settled to buying my two favourite colours, I got the shades ‘cosy posy’ and ‘candy floss’. I don’t usually go for green colours but cosy posy is literally the prettiest pastel mint green shade. Candy floss is again just a perfect baby pastel pink. I don’t know how Models Own have done this but the colours in this collection are pastel but neon at the same time and I’m obsessed with anything pastel and neon so I actually think this collection is perfect for me! I feel a strong urge to buy the rest of the colours in this collection!

Colour Chrome Collection – I again resisted the urge to purchase the whole of this nail polish collection and only bought the colours that I really loved. I went for ‘chrome gold’ and ‘chrome rose’ as I’m not keen on anything silver. This collection is meant to give a liquid metal effect to your nails and it definitely does that! I have never seen nail polishes like this and I feel like these will be perfect for the colder more festive months ahead.

Fruit Pastels Collection – This collection is again a one I loved when the original first came out a few years ago, each polish has a different fruity scent that actually smell so good! The scent doesn’t smell overly artificial and lasts a while. I do already have the whole of the original collection but I am confused as this time I purchased ‘peach melba’ and this colour isn’t on their website? I’m not sure if this is a new shade or an old shade because I have never seen it before, but I love it nonetheless!

Icings Collection – I was needing one more polish to make my 6 so I could get the £20 deal, and I came across the shade ‘nude icing’ from the icings collection. I love a good nude colour and this one is the perfect pinky nude which I think would look good on any skin tone!

Hypergel Top Coat – I’m always up for trying new top coats and this one caught my eye as it is supposed to make any nail polish look like a gel nail polish which are extremely glossy and long wearing. I have tried this top coat out and it kept my nail polish unchipped for 6 days before I had to take it off for work, but I’m sure it could have lasted longer! I am really impressed with this top coat I would definitely recommend!

Overall I love Models Own as a brand, they are cruelty free and the majority of their products are vegan, all of their nail polishes are vegan just some of their make up isn’t. I love supporting brands that don’t exploit animals for profit and are actually affordable. Each nail polish is only £5 which I think is such a good deal as they are such high quality. Have you ever tried Models Own before? What is your favourite product of theirs?


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