When I was preparing for this blog post, for a moment I got stressed thinking that the eyelashes my beautician uses were made of real mink fur! But after some research I found that the brand of lashes my salon uses (Hollywood Lashes) only use synthetic fibres which are meant to mimic the look of mink fur. If I had found out that they used real fur I would have cancelled my appointment as the method of collecting the fur is obviously not just by ‘brushing the animals coat’ as a lot of beauticians on the internet like to claim it is. Honestly how naive can you be to think in countries who have minimal to no animal welfare laws, on huge fur farms sit and brush aggressive mink’s coats daily to collect their fur?!? I highly doubt it pal!!

So because I found out that they were synthetic I was as happy as can be and kept my appointment. I get them done at a local salon and first had them done for my summer holiday last year. I was so impressed with how they looked I wanted them again for this summer holiday. Having eyelash extensions cuts down makeup application majorly. Applying mascara is the bane of my life and with eyelash extensions you don’t even need to bother! Its like permanently having false eyelashes on but you can’t feel them at all! The application process takes about 1 to 1 & 1/2 hours and it is so relaxing, you just lie there with your eyes closed and you can bearly feel the beautician doing anything to you! The lashes are individual and your beautician separates your natural lashes with a tool and places the extension in the middle of two, right on the lash line. The actual eyelashes are so light, when they have all been applied you can’t feel a difference at all, it just feels like your natural eyelashes, they’re not heavy and do not feel uncomfortable like regular false eyelashes.

My usual beautician has left the salon I regularly go to and I am so sad about that because she was amazing. This time I had to get a different lady to do my eyelashes and I am a little bit disappointed with them as I feel like she didn’t put many on. The last two times I got them done my usual beautician put loads of eyelashes on and they looked really thick and nice but this time they look like I have had them on for about a week and like some have came off. When I looked in the mirror at the salon I was like ‘where are the eyelashes?’ obviously I didn’t say this to the beautician as she took ages on them and I don’t think she would have had time to put any more on as she had already packed up and stuff. You know how it is when you get home and look properly and you realise its not what you wanted but you can’t go back. Oh well! I am going back on Tuesday for waxing so I will see if she has time to put a few more in.

They are semi permanent and can last between 2-4 weeks depending on how well you take care of them. I have had them done three times now, the first time I had them done I noticed lashes were beginning to fall out after about a week, the second time they began to fall out sooner so I think it all depends on how well your beautician applies them and what stage of growth your natural eyelashes are in. It is recommended to get them touched up every two to three weeks but I’ve just always let them all fall out as it would start to become very expensive to keep up with so I only get them for special occasions. At my salon they charge £65 for the first application then touch ups at £25 but obviously this will vary depending on where you go. 

I have never noticed any damage to my own eyelashes after I’ve had eyelash extensions, as a lot of people say that the glue they use is damaging but I’ve never noticed a change in my natural lashes after they have all fallen out. Again I think its down to where you go to get it done and what brand of lashes and glue your salon uses. Just to be on the safe side you can always use castor oil on your eyelashes once they have all came off to recondition your own eyelashes.

I wish I could afford to keep up with having eyelash extensions as I just feel a lot better with them on, its like having your eyebrows freshly waxed and on fleek, you just feel lush! Have you ever tried eyelash extensions? Would you ever try them? What are your thoughts?


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