I have been a vegetarian for almost four years that means no meat, no fish, as I truly love animals and could not justify supporting an industry that tortures and exploits them purely for my own taste bud pleasure. Ever since becoming vegetarian I have wanted to go all out and be vegan. I found it easy to stick to a vegetarian diet as I have access to so many alternatives but I thought going fully vegan would be really hard as I loved cheese! I essentially replaced meat with cheese when I would go out to eat I would often get a cheese toastie as most of the time this was the only vegetarian option I fancied.

The dairy industry still exploits cows so I was still supporting animal cruelty. I have always known that cows must always be pregnant to produce milk, they don’t just produce milk at all times like a lot of people think they do. They only produce milk when they’re pregnant or have a calf to feed like humans. Cows in the dairy industry are artificially inseminated to become pregnant, once her pregnancy is finished and she gives birth to her child, it is immediately taken away, and it has to be otherwise her milk would not be able to be bottled to sell to humans as her baby would drink it. Even though that milk she produced was for HER baby NOT humans! If her baby is a female she will be kept like her mother and used as a dairy cow but if her child is a boy he will either be killed at a few days old as there is no use for him as he can not produce milk, or he will be raised for veal. 

I thought cruelty to dairy cows only happened in other countries I thought our UK legislation was great at protecting their welfare but its not enough. Even if the cows were treat like royalty their children would still be stolen and that is extremely cruel. I’ve done a night shift at a dairy farm on work experience once before, I’ve worked on a farm and thought that everything was fine as I had seen it with my own eyes and that gave me an excuse to continue to eat cheese. But I was so wrong, not only is dairy so bad for you, the amount of cheese I was eating made me put on so much weight and have hormonal problems. So now that I’ve stopped eating dairy I’m sure I’ll loose weight, I’ve already lost 1lb since changing my diet and I haven’t even been eating super healthy.

I had a plan to go fully vegan once I finished my first year of uni as the food at university is so bad! The vegetarian options were limited and always full of dairy, this has contributed to my weight gain and bad skin. I have finally realised that I am the only one in control of what I eat, no one else can decide what I put in my body and I have the power to choose vegan options over anything else. I put a lot of credit on finding Stella Rae’s youtube videos, I found her channel last year and have been obsessed ever since! She seems like the loveliest person and is so passionate about what she believes in and that is inspiring to me. I owe it to her for finally giving me the push to just do it! 

Overall I am so happy that I have finally done it and I feel amazing. I truly feel that I have more energy, whenever I eat I don’t feel gross and weighed down like dairy products had made me feel previously. I always would feel sick after I ate food with dairy in it, I don’t miss cheese like I thought I would and it has been super easy to choose dairy free options, I even had a pizza with out cheese last week and it was still so delicious! I still get to eat amazing food so I’m really not missing out on anything! Last Sunday I went to the North East Vegan festival and bought a few bits and pieces which I thought I’d share with you all to show how many vegan options there are out there and there really are no restrictions when it comes to veganism these days.

This probably is one of the most delicious burgers I’ve ever tried, I had it last night and OH my god it was good! I had it with vegan cheese by vio life and it was seriously sooo good! After I didn’t have that feeling of being overly full and feeling sick, I felt great and energised. 

All of the food items above are vegan and all just as good as the original! If you would like to learn more about this topic just let me know and I will be happy to help you out or do more blog posts about it. I have got a few what I eat in a day videos ready to post to youtube within the next week so stay tuned for that!


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