I have an obsession with jewellery, I always seem to be buying new pieces even though I have so much already! I only wear gold as I find that it suits my skin tone more than silver or rose gold. I do have a couple of rose gold pieces but I no longer have any silver. Years ago I did a quiz online that figured out what colour metal your skin tone suits more and mine was gold and ever since I just cant bring myself to wear silver, even if I love the piece I just cant do it. As stupid as that sounds even when I do have a choice of different metals I do prefer gold whether it suits my skin tone or not. I have recently redesigned my bedroom and I have moved my jewellery storage into my new chest of drawers. I will be doing a blog post on my new room so I will go into more detail about that in a few weeks when my room is finished. I have down sized my jewellery collection a lot since redecorating and I have all of my jewellery in one of the drawers. I used to have necklaces hanging up on a jewellery hanger thing on my wall but I didn’t wear the pieces enough and they just always got dusty as they were out in the open. So now all of my necklaces are in with all the rest of my jewellery safe from dust and the air which may tarnish them.

I currently wear the same jewellery every day as these are some of my most special pieces. I have acquired a lot of these pieces recently as I have been gifted them from family members for getting my degree results, gradation and my birthday and my collection of Pandora and Thomas Sabo has grown a lot in recent weeks. I wear earrings daily but these are what I change up most frequently depending on what I’m feeling or what I think will go with the outfit I am wearing that day. The majority of my earrings aren’t ‘special’ and are just from either Topshop, Miss Selfridge or Accessorize. I used to wear the same necklace every single day for years, it was my Alex Monroe rabbit necklace which I still love but it is quite old now and has lost a lot of its shine and colour. So for now I am wearing a new necklace which I actually treat myself to from Thomas Sabo, it is the 50cm length rope chain with the gold carrier that carries some of my charms. I have four Thomas Sabo charms which I wear either on this necklace, a different Thomas Sabo necklace I have that you’ll see later in this post or on my Thomas Sabo bracelet. I always wear a watch and this Olivia Burton one is actually my mums that I’ve pinched for now. I also wear my Pandora charm bracelet. When I was a lot younger I along with every other girl had a silver charm bracelet with loads of charms on but since I don’t like wearing silver any more I don’t wear it. I still have it for sentimental reasons but when Pandora released their shine range I had to relive my childhood memories of having a Pandora bracelet. I originally had this bracelet that has the sliding clasp with the excess bracelet dangling down but I swapped it for the classic bracelet with the locking clasp as the dangly bit just kept getting caught in everything and even got caught in my steering wheel once! I was also worried that it would get tarnished quicker as whenever I’d wash my hands it would get wet no matter how hard I tried to avoid the tap. I am so much happier that I now have the original clasp version. I have a couple of charms on the bracelet, I have two of the shining path clips at either side of my charms, the shine logo heart charm, the queen bee pendant, and the logo safety chain. I also have a charm that looks very similar to this golden mix pave ball charm but mine is all white diamonds but I can’t find it on the website to link. I also wear four rings on a daily basis, these are all from Pandora too. I wear the hearts of pandora ring and the signature hearts of pandora ring on my left thumb together. On my right hand I wear the linked love ring on my index finger and the radiant heart ring on my ring finger.

In the photos above are the Thomas Sabo necklace and bracelet I was talking about earlier along with all of the charms I currently own. The necklace is the charm club charm necklace in yellow gold and I also have the matching charm club charm bracelet. The charms I have are the gold crescent moon charm, the leo zodiac sign charm, the sun charm, and my initial ‘s’ charm. I really want to get the rest of the letters to my name and wear them all on the charm club charm necklace to create a similar look like this photo, but that will take a while to achieve as the charms are quite expensive!

I now have all of my bigger dangly earrings on this jewellery holder that my mum got me from the Next sale and I absolutely love it. I love the way my earrings look and it is sitting on my dressing table as it is quite a cute decoration. It has a litter trinket box style bottom where the stand comes off the top and I just keep a few random other jewellery pieces in that I don’t wear that often as it is quite difficult to take the top off without all of my earrings falling off the stand.

Now this is the main event when it comes to my jewellery. My daily jewellery I keep in a dust bag thing from Pandora on my bedside table and the rest of my jewellery stays in this draw in my Ikea chest of drawers. The draw inserts are specifically for jewellery and they are also from Ikea. It comes with the rings/earring holder on the bottom left hand side and the necklace/bracelet above and then separate is the part to the right that has my watches and other bracelets. I have all of my stud earrings in this drawer as I have a lot of them and seeing them all displayed like this is not only satisfying, it is easy to see which ones I have when it comes to choosing in the morning. Like I mentioned before a lot of my jewellery is from places like Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Accessorize as I find that their quality, even though its just costume jewellery, is better than a lot of high street stores. I do also have some more pricey pieces from jewellery brands such as Astley Clarke, Missoma, Orelia and Daisy.

To the right of my earrings, rings and necklaces I have some random bracelets and my watches and I think that is it when it comes to my jewellery collection. I am really happy with what I have got at the moment and I love this new set up that I have. If you’ve seen any piece in particular in this post that you would like to know more about and where its from then please don’t hesitate to ask me as I will let you know!



  1. 17/08/2018 / 7:40 pm

    That is such a pretty collection! ♥ I love how your storage ideas as well!!


    • Sophie
      21/10/2018 / 1:01 pm

      Thank you so much! 🙂 x

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