I always seem to be buying new bits and bobs for my room and home, I have specific ornaments and decorations for every season. My mum and I have a similar style when it comes to homeware so she doesn’t mind me spicing up other rooms in our house as well as my room occasionally. You could call my seasonal decoration a bit excessive but I like to change up my space every so often as it keeps everything feeling fresh. When it comes to other rooms in the house I am more likely just to put the occasional ornament or candle around but in my bedroom I change almost everything. I change up the ornaments, colour scheme, bedding, etc. in my bedroom for literally every occasion, I have a different set of cushions for every season! I don’t change up every room in the house as its obviously not just my house although I have got my mum to have a few sets of seasonal cushions for the garden room! I know this isn’t practical for a lot of people but its something I like to do and it sounds more extravagant than it actually is. I have decorated the main part of my bedroom to be pretty basic and plain which allows me to change it up for different occasions and allows for the addition of new colours without clashing with furniture thats already there. So of course my bed, dressing table, bedside tables, wardrobe and chest of drawers remain the same for every season, I just change up whats sitting on top of them by adding a couple of new ornaments here and there depending on the season. Every new season I like to have a little look around some of my favourite homeware stores, The Silverlink Shopping Park is one of my go to places when it comes to shopping. I have shopped at the Silverlink for years and its where my closest Nando’s is so I’m there more often then I’d like to admit!

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I went to the Silverlink on the hunt for some new homeware pieces, the first shop I went to was Next. Next is one of my favourite places for homeware, they have so many different styles to suit a lot of colour schemes. I always go for the warm, gold, rustic collections, I’m not a fan of blues or purples as they feel too cold to me. Next now have their Christmas collections in store and its all so gorgeous. I had a good look around the shop and the majority of what I bought was from there.

The Christmas candles and reed diffusers from Next are always lovely, my absolute favourite is ‘festive spice’. I’ve been buying it for years especially the car air fresheners, but this year I’ve decided to have a change of scent and I bought the ‘orange and star anise‘ candle for my bedroom. It was £8 and comes in a nice gold pot that fits in well with my room decor.

This penguin bedding was on a display in store and it made me fall in love with it. I love bedding that has a tiled print on it like this with a plain white background, all these little penguins stole my heart and along with the cozy brushed cotton material I had to buy it. This was £35 for a double set.

Not the most exciting purchase of the day but it was a necessity. I bought this toilet brush for mine and my brothers bathroom. It is cream and made out of tin and matches the bathroom bin we also have, this was £8.

My mum has quite the collection of the resin animal ornaments that Next sell and all of them live in the garden room as you’ll see below. So to add to our collection I decided to buy this super cute bear kitchen roll holder to bring some woodland animals into the kitchen as well. This was £20.

You can see in the photos above some of the collection of those wooden looking resin animal ornaments that are already in our collection. We have the large rabbit, mini rabbit, owl tea light holder, and not pictured we also have the large hedgehog and small duck ornaments. All apart from the duck are still available to buy. So to add to our ever growing collection I got the bear coasters and the stag ornament. The coasters were £14 and the stag was £12.

I usually only go to Marks and Spencer for food or beauty products but since they have a huge M&S at the Silverlink, I decided to have a look at what they had on offer when it comes to homeware. I wasn’t that impressed with the choice of ornaments or bedding as they weren’t really to my taste, but I did find in the Christmas section these gorgeous glasses. One is a gin glass that says ‘gin-gle bells’ in gold foil lettering and the other has my initial on. These were both £6.

Wilko is one of my go to places when it comes to stationary and baking tools so I wasn’t surprised when I came across some gems in there. As I said I have a set of cushions that I put on my bed for every season and I’ve just recently got rid of my really old, past their best cushions so I was on the hunt for some new Christmas cushions. I found this one from Wilko that says ‘festive wishes and mistletoe kisses’ embroidered in read thread. This was £8. I also bought two gold wire food display baskets. I see these quite a lot in restaurants and I think they’re so cool! I’ve been on the hunt for some of these for a while but they’re always silver in stores and if you know me I’m not a fan of silver, so when I saw these gold ones I had to get them. They are not a necessity in any way but they just look cool and I really like putting my food in different ramekins etc! These were £2.50 each.



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