I feel like these three nail polishes totally represent New Years Eve! Gorgeous glitter and sparkles, I just cant get enough of these festive shades. As much as I hate removing glitter nail polish these shades make it so worth the hassle!

Models Own – Blizzard, Ibiza Mix and Mixed Up

Glitter nail polishes are a must for this time of year and what better time to wear them then New Years Eve, one of the biggest celebrations of the year?! The three polishes I have picked here are so gorgeous in their own unique way. The first one on the left is called ‘blizzard’ and it is a pure glitter polish filled with large holographic chunks. This looks so good over other nail colours but if you build it up on its own it still looks lovely. The holographic colours give a gorgeous glow under different lights and create such a stunning effect. The second nail polish is called ‘Ibiza Mix’ again by Models Own, it is quite similar to blizzard by the size and shape of the glitter but the variety in colours are much noticeable. This polish has a black base and the glitter is in all sorts of rainbow colours. This again looks gorgeous on its own but over a black nail polish it really stands out. The last polish has to be my favourite. It is the shade ‘mixed up’ by Models Own and it is so simple but equally as stunning. I fell in love with black nail polish at Halloween and this black polish with tiny chunks of holographic glitter is just beautiful! It reminds me of a stary sky and is a lot less in your face as the other two, but it gives off a gorgeous subtle sparkle that I just can’t get enough of!


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