I can believe another month has passed and it’s already November! Before we know it, it will be Christmas Day! With another month gone comes a monthly favourites post, and like always I don’t have many favourites to share but the ones I am sharing I am absolutely obsessed with!

Halloween bag – My first favourite has to be my favourite of all the favourites! It is this super cute Halloween tote bag which was only £1 from Primark! I spotted it at the end of August in the Aberdeen store and had to get it and save it for Halloween. I literally used this bag every day in October, I even used it as my uni bag for this whole month. I’m actually sad that I’ll not be able to use it until next October!

Tea Tree Oil – In May of this year I got my third ear lobe piercings done and one of my second holes re-pierced and ever since I’ve had major problems with getting them to heal fully. It’s never took this long for piercings to heal for me and it was getting super annoying. I always kept them extremely clean but in August I developed a lump on one of my ears right above my third hole at the back, which was itchy, swollen and very sore. I just kept doing sea salt soaks and it went down a lot but then I developed smaller less painful lumps on the other two piercings I had done. I think it may have been to do with the fact that I still slept with my earrings in, in my ears at night. I was scared to take them out as I didn’t think they were completely healed. Anyway to cut a long story short I googled how to heal piercings and tea tree oil came up. So I went to Holland and Barrett’s and bought some tea tree oil and put it on my ears every night, took my piercings out and have just gave my ears a rest. The lumps have gone down a lot since using this and are not sore any more. But the lumps are still there so I’m next going to try an aspirin paste to hopefully get rid of the lumps completely as they’re such a hassle!

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion – At the beginning of October my skin was playing up and breaking out loads! I think it may have been because I was using a foundation primer with silicone in, since I’ve stopped using it I haven’t experienced as many breakouts. During this time of super inconvenient breakouts I used the Mario Badescu drying lotion on my spots and it really helped with healing spots fast. I feel like this is the only spot treatment that I’ve tried that you can actually visibly see results over night. It drys spots up like no other and within a few days of using it nightly your breakout is completely gone.

Soap and Glory Orangeasm fragrance – I have been trying to use up all of the fragrances that I have had in my collection for years as they are probably going out of date and I just always forget to put on perfume on, on a morning. I want to use them all up and buy myself a new perfume that I really love when they’re all finished. I found this Soap and Glory fragrance in my collection and I have been wearing it everyday since, it smells so good! Its really fresh but not overly summery so its a perfect for autumn. It doesn’t smell too artificial or sweet, it just gives a nice light scent thats actually quite cozy.

Matte dark nails – For halloween I didn’t actually do anything or get dressed up, I just watched the Addams Family and carved pumpkins like I do every year, but I did paint my nails especially for the occasion. I was going to try to do some halloween nail art but I am so bad at it now I just opted for black nail polish. I then spotted my matte top coat and put it over the black and loved the look of it! I have been using my matte top coat instead of normal top coat ever since! I use the Barry M matte top coat, I do like it but it seems to rub off after a few days of wear, especially around the tips of my nails. If anyone has any cruelty free matte top coat recommendations I would really appreciate them!

Real Techniques stippling brush – I have never been comfortable with rubbing in moisturiser on my face using my hands, even though I know they’re clean I still feel like there is a chance that I am rubbing bacteria into my skin. So I’ve started applying my face moisturiser with this Real Techniques stippling brush and the results are great. I feel like its a lot more gentle on my face and that I’m not tugging on my skin as much and irritating it.

Spectrum Collections brush – I always switch up the brushes I use for contour as I’m never really satisfied with how it looks. When I was creating my makeup brush collection post I found this brush and thought it would be the perfect shape for contour. I got it in one of my monthly ‘The Vegan Kind’ boxes so it doesn’t have a brush number, but I’m pretty sure it is the spectrum A04 brush. I started to use it and really like the effect it gives, it is very natural and so easy to create a sculpted look with this brush without trying too hard.

Too Faced Sweethearts blush – For months I’ve just been wearing a matte peach blush from a Sleek blush palette and I fancied a change so I rummaged through my collection and came across this Too Faced Sweethearts blush in the shade ‘peach beach’. I am sticking to the peach theme but this blush is shimmery so I’ve been using it as a highlight above bronzer and I really like the warm glow it paired with bronzer gives to my skin.

Lush Ro’s Argan body conditioner – Another product I found in my collection when organising is this Lush body conditioner, this stuff smells amazing! I can’t really describe it other than its based on the rose fragrance, it is delicious and not too florally. This is a body conditioner so you use it in the shower on wet skin, just like you would use a conditioner on your hair, rinse it off and you’re left with beautifully soft skin without a tacky residue left on your skin like a lot of moisturisers do.


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