I like having a few different watches as I like to mix and match depending on how I’m feeling and what I’m wearing. With so many different styles its hard to choose just one so why not have a few?! I have lusted over Olivia Burton watches for years but never thought I’d be able to get one as the majority are leather straps. Until my mum noticed that there are some styles available in vegan leather! I love that some high end and designer brands are now offering a choice to customers whether they want genuine leather or vegan friendly ones. Olivia Burton watches are always very feminine with floral designs. But the new ‘animals’ collection features bee embellishments, cats, owls, birds and my personal favourite bunnies! My mum and I both got one of the bunny design watches each and I wanted to share them with you all as they’re too cute not too!

Woodland Bunny Nude Gold £72 / Woodland Bunny Rose Sand Rose Gold £72

Olivia Burton currently has 17 different watch styles in vegan leather and then a few others which have metal straps which are obviously also vegan friendly. I got the rose gold watch with the rose sand strap with the sketched rabbit on. This also comes in black but since I already have a black watch in a similar style I chose the pink one. The face doesn’t have any numbers on, it is just very plain and simple and keeps the attention on the rabbit sketch. I absolutely love the picture of the rabbit as it reminds me of my rabbit Peach that passed a way a few years ago. My mum got the gold nude bunny watch which has more detailing on the face. It has roman numerals and a coloured sketch of a rabbit surrounded in flowers. I absolutely love this one as well, it was difficult to choose between them!

The faces on both of these watches are quite small at 30mm. I would usually go for over sized watches but something about these designs with the smaller face makes them seem that bit more special and feminine. I’ve always wanted an Olivia Burton watch and I’m so happy that the one I have now features a bunny on it, it couldn’t suit me any more perfectly! You can get these two designs in real leather versions but why would you want to when they’re the same price and the vegan one doesn’t support the use of animals for fashion?! The quality looks to be very high and the faux leather is soft but durable. It sits comfortably on my wrist and I’ve not took it of since I got it!


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