A few weeks ago I was invited to visit Pizza Storm in Newcastle to try their food in exchange for either an instagram post or a blog post. I of course said yes, who would say no to free pizza? I asked my BFF Natasha if she’d be my plus one and once we finally managed to organise when we were both available we went along last Wednesday to check it out.


When we got there we were greeted and asked if we’d like to make our own pizzas or if we’d just like the staff to make them for us, we chose to make them ourselves. Once we’d washed our hands, put our aprons and gloves on we were let loose behind the counter. We had help of course by one of the members of staff, I can’t remember his name which I feel horrible about but he was really nice and helped us create delish pizzas.

The first step was to put a sauce on our sourdough bases, we both chose the original tomato sauce but you could choose from original, spicy tomato, bbq or white sauce which you have in lasagne which I found so strange, if you’ve ever tried that please let me know if its nice! Next was cheese and I decided to try their vegan cheese. I usually avoid vegan cheese as I have tried quite a few and none lived up to ‘real cheese’, but the vegan cheese PizzaStorm uses is pretty spot on when it comes to being similar to actual cheese. Natasha added some red leicester to her pizza and since she was making it she got to control how much she put on which I’m sure she was happy with as she doesn’t like loads of melted cheese. You could also choose from regato, grated mozzarella, mozzarella balls or cheddar. Then it was time for the actual toppings, we had a create your own pizza which allowed you to pick as many toppings as you want for £6.55. I went for a load of veggies including, red onion, peppers, sweet corn, olives and garlic. Natasha went for some veggies and a variety of meat. After that it was time to bake them in the wood fired oven, they didn’t take long to bake at all so by the time we had got our refillable drinks and sat down they were ready. We were also given some potato wedges to try as well which is the only vegan side the offer although the man who was helping us make our pizzas said that they could possibly make the flatbread with vegan cheese rather than mozzarella.

After a quick photo sesh we began to tuck in, first we tried the wedges which came with a dip which we couldn’t quite figure out what it was, it was like a sweet bbq flavour with pepper, what ever it was, that and the wedges were really nice. I was relieved to see that the vegan cheese had actually melted on the pizza and didn’t look or feel like glue or dried out like the majority or vegan cheeses I’ve tried. Sorry to be such a vegan cheese hater but I’ve had a lot of bad luck with the ones I’ve tried previously! The cheese PizzaStorm uses is soy based and actually had a cheesy taste and texture which added a lot of flavour to the pizza. So far this is the only vegan cheese I’ve found that I like! Overall the food was delicious and super quick and easy for when you fancy a pizza but don’t have time to go into a ‘proper’ restaurant. I would highly recommend trying PizzaStorm and I’ll definitely be going back whenever I’m in need of a quick pizza and some more of that amazing vegan cheese!

As I mentioned I was invited to PizzaStorm to try their food for free but all opinions in this post are my own.


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