Another month has gone which means another monthly favourites post! This month I don’t really have many favourites but I thought I’d still share the few I do have with you.

Autumn decor – My first favourite is my autumn room decor, I have added in loads of cute new room decor all autumn themed and I absolutely love my room right now. ASDA and other supermarkets have some really nice autumny animal ornaments and bedding so I have gone a bit crazy and got lots of pieces and my room looks amazing!

Lee Stafford sea salt spray – I have been a bit bored with my hair recently so I thought I’d switch it up from my usual plain straight hair and let my natural waves loose! I used to love using sea salt spray so I have been it in again when my hair is wet and letting my hair dry naturally to create beautiful waves. I do have to fix the top layer of my hair thought when I let it dry naturally as for some reason the top layer doesn’t really go wavy it just goes a bit frizzy. But apart from that I have loved not using heat on my hair.

Models Own chrome gold nail varnish – I am in love with this nail polish from Models Own, it is from their metallic chrome collection and it is one of the most interesting nail varnish colours I’ve ever used. It is such a gorgeous bright gold colour but so metallic! It looks so good I’ve been wearing it almost all month and I have got so many compliments on it.

New Look pink trainers – For years the only shoes I wore were converse, not the same pair btw but just that brand and style so I thought it was time for a change. I spotted these pink trainers from New Look for only £20 and even though they’re not a drastic style change from converse, I just had to get them. I cant remember when the last time I wore coloured shoes was but I was drawn to these and I really like how they look. They are so comfy and actually match most outfits I wear. New Look have these in a few other colours so I think I might have to get some more since they’re only £20!

Lush tea tree water – Since getting back to uni I have been really into my skin care routine and sticking to it. I have been using this Lush toner and it has done wonders to my skin! After I cleanse my face I spray this on my face and wipe it off with a cotton pad, I feel like it gets rid of every last bit of dirt and I think this has helped clear up the blemishes I had.

Baths – Since its almost October and the weather is changing I feel like its more enjoyable to have a nice hot relaxing bath. I had my first bath of the season a few days ago and it was so good!! I used some of my Lush halloween products and literally had the best time!


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