With out fail whenever I am in a boots store I check the Soap and Glory counter to see if they have any new products in. For a while they never did and I already had almost every product they sold! Recently they’ve been expanding their range and I couldn’t be happier! Extreme colour correcting has been a trend for a while but I’m no way a pro when it comes to make up so I have never had the urge to try it. Soap and Glory is one of my favourite make up brands and when I saw they had brought these out I had to try them. They come in a stick type style and because of this I think it makes the whole correcting thing look easy. 

They have brought out four colours, purple, yellow, green and white. The purple is to brighten areas that look dark or have shadows to use as a highlighter, the yellow is for under eyes which acts as a regular concealer, the green is to put over spots and to cover redness and the white one is a clear formula which is used to cover imperfections. They are £8 each which is a reasonable price but when I took the yellow one out of the plastic packaging the actual stick fell out and revealed that you literally get the tinniest amount! You would expect to get a full tube of it but it doesn’t even go down half the tube which is disappointing, although I’m sure you’re only supposed to use a little amount at a time so they could last you a while if you’re not doing full on clown contouring daily!

The product itself is extremely creamy and goes a long way. I thought because there wasn’t a lot of product that it is a waste of money but you literally only need the tiniest amount to cover your imperfections as they are so pigmented. I used them underneath my foundation today and my foundation looks a lot more even.

All Is Calm – The green managed to make my redness disappear rather than me having to apply two coats of foundation to particular areas like usual.

Just Bright – The lilac is lovely for an under foundation highlight its not too obvious under the foundation that I used but gave a brighter look to where I applied it.

Fake Away – The yellow is a very thick creamy concealer which I wouldn’t think of using as an everyday under eye concealer because of its thickness. I would probably use this if I was going for a heavier make up look or for dramatic highlight and contour.

Super Blur – The white one is clear and to me acts more as a primer than an imperfection coverer. It is a similar formula to a lot of oil free primers and feels very waxy which allows foundation and other products to glide over. I would not use this to cover imperfections like spots but as a primer to reduce pore visibility.

Overall I am really impressed with these products and how easy they are to apply. Throughout the day they didn’t affect the staying power of my foundation which I was concerned about to begin with. As they are so creamy I thought my foundation would slip off within a few hours and reveal these products but they didn’t, they blend in seamlessly with other make up.


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  1. 01/06/2016 / 5:46 pm

    Never seen these before but they look amazing and great for the price too!

    Parie x

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