I have watched Tanya Burr on YouTube for years, she was one of the first YouTubers that I ever watched and that I still enjoy watching to this day. I trust her opinion and because of this I knew I would love her makeup line. To be truthful I haven’t tried many of her products, I’m not really sure why, maybe because I don’t often shop in Superdrug but something about her new Selfie Story collection really drew me in. Maybe its the beautiful sleek gold packaging or that she has brought out two of my top makeup products, could have something to do with why I had to have a rare look in Superdrug to get them.

The collection contains an eyeliner, mascara and three shades of brow pencil. They are all under £10 and available at Superdrug stores and online.

The eyeliner is a liquid with a long thin brush, it is jet black and applies so smoothly. I have never been able to perfect liquid eyeliner as I don’t have the eye shape for it, because of this I’ve never practiced so I’m rubbish at applying it. I bought this as even though I rarely attempt eyeliner I thought I would give it a go to see if this product made it any easier. The long handle gives you so much control and the uber thin brush allows you to take your time and work up to a thickness that you desire. This product allowed me to manage to get the line above my lashes perfectly even and smooth. If it wasn’t for my eyelid shape I would have been able to perfect the cat eye shape. I did attempt the cat eye and got them pretty even but no product will ever be able to prevent the cut in the liner that occurs when my eyes are open because of where it folds. Bearing in mind that the fold of my eyelid cuts the liner and makes it look like the wing and main line is not attached, this product did not budge all day! Usually the liner transfers onto my eyelid but this didn’t the whole time I was wearing it. It has great staying power and stayed true to its original black colour that it had when I first applied it.

My eyebrows are probably my favourite feature, I love to have strong, dark and bold brows. I haven’t used a brow pencil in years as I have just preferred the definition that pomade and powders give. I had to give this product a go though, as I was intrigued by the shape of the pencil. I haven’t tried an eyebrow pencil in this thicker angled shape and I have to say I’m very impressed! The application of this on your brows is really smooth and doesn’t tug around the sensitive eye area. I also find that its creamy texture doesn’t pull out any hairs when you’re applying it which a lot of pencil formulas can do. I have the shade medium which I think might be too light for my liking. I don’t have really dark hair but I do prefer dark brows on me which this shade doesn’t do for me. This shade creates more of a natural look on me personally which I actually really like for when I’m not wearing makeup. I don’t wear makeup more often than I do, so I think this is going to be the perfect quick eyebrow product to give some shape to my face when I just cant be bothered with a full face of makeup.

I’ve left the mascara until last but this in no way means that I like it the least. I actually love this mascara so much! I think I have finally found what I’ve been looking for, a cruelty free dupe for the Benefit they’re real mascara! I have been looking for a dupe for this mascara for literal years! Benefit are not 100% cruelty free so I don’t buy their products and their mascara is the one thing I really miss. I have been using the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara which is really good but it just isn’t completely up to par with the Benefit one. Tanya’s mascara along with the Benefit one has a plastic bristle brush rather than a fabric one, which is so much better for my eyelashes. I don’t have the best eyelashes as they’re quite short so fabric brushes just do nothing for me. Tanya mentioned in a video that she had been working on the formula for this mascara for two years and I’m glad she put so much effort into it as I think she’s nailed it. If you’ve tried the Benefit they’re real mascara you will know how good it is and hopefully will be able to understand when I say that Tanya’s mascara, in my eyes compared to the Benefit one, is 98% perfect. I can’t give it 100% as I think the they’re real mascara will always be my favourite and it gives the tiniest bit more length to my lashes but this mascara is so close to it. I also can’t give it a 99% as I would have loved if it had bristles on the end of the wand so you can really get in there on your bottom lashes. But I am so happy that I have finally found a cruelty free dupe to my all time fave mascara and it is more than half the price so its a win win situation really! The selfie lash separates your lashes so well and coats every single one. It is really build-able and doesn’t clump when you apply more, it is jet black and doesn’t flake off at all during the day. So close to being 100% perfect!


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