Highlighters are one of my favourite makeup products as I feel like they can change your whole makeup look in an instance. No matter how much of a rush I’m in to do my makeup I’ll always put on highlighter as I feel like it makes me look healthier overall! Highlighters come in all different types of formulas, powder, cream and liquid which all give a different effect to the skin. In this post I am going to share with you my favourite highlighters that I’ve tried so far that never let me down.

Depending on what look you want to go for, whether its a natural glow or a intense shine, there are highlighters on the market for everyones taste. I usually prefer something in the middle, not too blinding but I still want it to be noticeable.

Cream highlighters like the Topshop glow pots give a subtle natural glow which melt into your makeup to make your skin look luminous. I have a few of the Topshop glow pots, but my favourite is the shade ‘polished‘, it’s a pale shade with a pinky glimmer to it and it just makes your skin look gorgeous. I don’t often wear these on their own as I feel like they’re a bit too subtle for my liking, so I mostly use them with powder highlighters to intensify them.

Liquid highlighters are very versatile and can be used like cream highlighters over makeup, or under makeup as a primer before foundation or even mixed in with your foundation. I use them in a variety of ways depending on how I want my skin to look. Mixing them in with your foundation will give you a glowy look all over where as applying them on the high points of your face will give you a more concentrated dewy look. I find that applying them with a damp makeup sponge is best as then they don’t rub off your foundation underneath and blend in a lot better without being streaky. My favourite liquid highlight is the Soap and Glory Hocus Focus liquid illuminator. It has a white base with a pink and gold duo chrome effect to give the most beautiful glow, this is a product I’m going to be using a lot over the summer months as I fee like it will enhance a tan!

I feel like powder highlighters are the easiest to use, they just swipe on and you’re good to go. Where as with cream and liquid you need a good technique to ensure they don’t look streaky. The majority of my highlighters are in a powder form as for me they are the quickest to use and most of the time when I’m doing my makeup I’m in a rush! I have a large selection when it comes to powder highlighters, from bright gold to pink to really bronzy ones. The four pictured above are the ones I use most often.

The top one is my all time favourite, it is the Topshop ‘mother of pearl‘ highlight and you just have to see it in the flesh to appreciate it, the photo doesn’t do it justice. It is a multi tonal pink, gold, orange and blue colour. It is more like glitter than the others with bigger particles but it is still velvety smooth when applied and gives more of a strobe effect to the skin. Underneath that is the top left powder highlight from the Sleek Cleopatra kiss highlighting palette. This highlight is a pure warm bronze and instantly gives you a sun kissed glow to your skin, this paired with warm bronzy makeup just looks gorgeous! The third one is from the same palette and is the bottom right powder in the palette. This is also quite a warm bronzy shade but it is more on the pinky side and is less intense. The shimmer is slightly thicker with little specks of silver glitter throughout. Lastly is my most recent purchace but one I have wanted for years. I feel like this highlight has been in the youtube and blogging community radar for ever! It is the ‘mary-lou manizer‘ highlight from The Balm Cosmetics and is a classic yellowy/gold highlight. It leaves a beautiful glow without any base colour so I feel like it would be gorgeous on any skin tone.

Those are my favourite highlighters but I’m always on the look out for more so if you have any recommendations of highlighters that you really like, I would love to hear about them!


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