I am in my third and final year of university (thank goodness) this year so this will be the last year I’m staying in student accommodation (also thank goodness). I took photos of the room I’ve had every year just for my memories mainly but I even made a Youtube video of my room last year when I was making videos consistently. Since I’m not making videos anymore and just concentrating on blogging I thought I’d share with you my last student room in this post. I am in the same building and actually the same exact room that I was in last year so if you want to see a more in depth look at the room layout you can watch last years room tour video here. I just wanted to show you what I’ve done to decorate it and make it look more homely this year.

I really like this room and how it looks, it’s light and airy and doesn’t make me feel trapped like my first year room did. I think the high ceilings help a lot with that, but I have kept the colours relatively neural with a few pops of colour to make it more to my taste. 

On my desk I have a pink lamp from Dunelm Mill, a Zoella pot with pens in, my glasses and my laptop. I also have my daily makeup bag, which is from Skinny Dip and my makeup brushes in an Ikea pot. On my desk chair I have put over a rabbit throw from Asda, as the chair is black and too dark for my liking so I’ve put that over to make it more cozy and hide the colour. There is this huge notice board on one of the walls, I have covered it with wrapping paper from Paperchase as the notice board itself is dark blue and I really don’t like the colour blue for interiors as its just too cold and dark, I much prefer warm colours. I have covered my notice board with wrapping paper every year as it can totally just add a cute feature to your room as you’re obviously not allowed to hang or stick anything to the walls this makes it like a focal point in your room instead of having bland plain walls. The paper I went with this year is covered with different breeds of rabbits, if you have followed my blog for years or even just read one post of mine you will probably know that I am somewhat obsessed with rabbits. I love this paper so much it just makes me happy to look at, any time I need a pick me up I’ll look at my notice board (avoiding eye contact with my assignment list) and look at the cute bunnies and be happy!

I have stuck the usual things on my notice board, like a calendar, timetable and my assignment list, but I’ve also pinned on some photos and quotes to keep me going through this last year. I have two prints from Coconut Lane (get 20% off with the code sophiefoster20) one says ‘a smooth sea never made a skilled mermaid’ which is an adaptation of one of my fave quotes and the other says ‘what would Blair Waldorf do’ which is just a good motto to live by. My favourite quote I’ve got on there is ‘be the Leslie Knope of whatever you do’ because Leslie Knope is my idol tbh. I’ve also put fairy lights around to make it extra cute, these gold star ones are from Asda.

I have a book shelf type thing next to my desk where I keep folders and more stationery. I have my jewellery and earrings on there as well just in a little Ted Baker bag and my more ‘special’ ones in two jewellery boxes. I also have some books on top that I am wanting to read soon if I get time, and on top of those I have some paperclips in cute little pots from Wilko. I then have two to do lists, the one with the leaves is from TKMaxx and the bigger one is from Tesco. Lastly I have my folders which you can read more about and find out where they’re from in my ‘whats in my university bag’ post here. On the book shelf I have my mini fridge, more stationary like plain paper, coloured pens and more folders. Then below that again on the next shelf down I have some food and drinks.

My bedding for this year is from Asda, I have restrained myself and only brought 3 cushions to put on my bed. At home I have about 50 million cushions on my bed and my mum always asks me how I sleep at night because I literally just sleep on a massive pile of cushions! The ones I brought with me are all from Tesco apart from the rabbit one. I also have a throw on the end of my bed which is from Primark. My rug is from Ikea and it is a faux sheep skin rug.

On my bedside table I have a rabbit light from Asda that I bought years ago, tissues, a little trinket dish and coaster from Primark, my iPad and book that I am currently reading.

At my window I have some necklaces on the windowsill along with a reed diffuser and perfume. There is another chair in my room here as well so I have put another throw over which is from Primark and a Tesco cushion. I have an en suite bathroom but I am not going to show it in this post as its pretty basic and you can see it my video from last year and its decorated in the same way.


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