I wanted to quickly do a little post just to get some things off my chest in regards to my Youtube channel. If you have watched my videos you may have noticed that I haven’t posted a video since Christmas 2016 and I wanted to explain why.

I started to make Youtube videos in 2013 when I was encouraged by people on instagram to make them. I used to talk to a big group of girls on instagram and a lot of us created our channels at the same time and shouted each other out when we first got started to grow our channels and get subscribers. These included Gabriella (velvetgh0st), Lucy Flight, Georgia Cinnamon and a few others. I had always wanted to make Youtube videos but I had never been brave enough so creating a channel at this time with the support of these friends really helped. I made videos consistently for a year but then ended up not having time since I was at college. A long with my blog I couldn’t manage creating youtube videos or blog posts while studying. I would concentrate on one and then the others would suffer. I was never able to do all three well, so I stopped making videos in 2014 to concentrate on my course.

During this time of not making videos I’d go through phases of wanting to make videos then not wanting to and back again and it was just confusing! During my first year of uni I was one of the only times I was really itching to make videos so last year during the summer of first and second year I started again and made quite a few videos. Then second year rolled round and I started to slack on making videos, I made some at Christmas but then stopped after that. After Christmas I had January exams and uni work got a lot more intense which is why I stopped as I didn’t have time to make them and I didn’t want to sacrifice my uni work.

So ultimately what I’m trying to say is that at this portion of my life I don’t have time to make videos as well as blog and do my uni work. Because of this I don’t want to keep stopping and starting, I could have started making them again this summer but I would have no doubt stopped in September when I went back to uni and I just don’t want to do that, if I am going to make videos I want to be consistent with them. It takes me quite a while to film, edit and upload a video and I’m so particular about them that they have to be of good quality, I could make little rubbish videos during this time but I don’t really see the point. So I am not planning on making videos until at least the summer of 2018 when I have finished my degree or it may even be the summer of 2019 as I am thinking of doing a masters degree!

I just wanted to explain this for any one who may be wondering where my videos have gone. I think I can manage to write one blog post a week and concentrate on uni but doing all three I just can’t manage. I much prefer blogging to making youtube videos, it just feels much more comfortable for me so I’d prefer to do this for now.


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