I was one of those people who got sucked in by Urban Decays first Naked palette, it has been a staple in my makeup collection for years. Then they released a second one and I bought that one too, but I never used it as much as the first one, so when they released the third naked palette I didn’t buy it as I didn’t think I’d use it. I didn’t pay much attention to the others that they released after that as I didn’t think I needed them. But when I saw the Naked Heat palette I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it! My absolute favourite colours for anything especially make up are warm, orange tones and this palette is just that! The shades in this palette are versatile and go together so well, I have created two eyeshadow looks, one day time and one more dramatic look.

Urban Decay – Naked Heat Palette £39.50

As always Urban Decay’s eyeshadow formula is gorgeous, they are so soft and blend out effortlessly even for someone who is terrible at applying eyeshadow like I am! The colours are all pigmented meaning you only need a small amount on your brush to create a dramatic look. The fall out is minuscule and even if some drops onto your skin it is easily brushed away without leaving residue. There is a great mixture of matte and shimmer colours in this palette which gives you lots of choice and options when it comes to creating an eyeshadow look.

I usually only wear one shade of eyeshadow all over my eyelids, in the crease and under my bottom lash line during the day time because its super quick and sort of natural looking. I usually just use my bronzer that I wear on my face as I like the matchy look it gives. But this palette has a few light colours which made me want to give more than one shade a go for this daytime look. I have created a sort of fade effect from a warm brown crease using ‘sauced’ to the lightest shade using ‘ounce’ in the inner corner. I used ‘chaser’ which is a beige on the lid and on the very outer corner and under the lower lash line I used ‘low blow’ which I think might be one of my favourite shades in the palette. You can of course use any of these shades during the daytime, go as dramatic or subtle as you like with your eyeshadow thats totally up to personal preference. For me I like to keep it more ‘natural’ looking and I think the 4 possible shades that could be used all over the lid, crease and lower lash line as an easy daytime look are, chaser, sauced, low blow and cayenne.

The colours are all warm toned which is perfect for those of us with yellow undertones in our skin. The shades on the left hand side of the palette are lighter in colour, perfect for daytime looks and towards the right hand side the shades get darker allowing you to create a gorgeous deep smokey look.

For a more dramatic evening look I used a mixture of the matte shades and shimmer shades. In the crease I used ‘he devil’, over the lid I used a mix of ‘cayenne’ and ‘dirty talk’. In the inner corner I used ‘lumbre’ and on the outer corner and under the lower lash line I used ‘en fuego’. For a more smokey look, I think a mix of ’ember’, ‘ashes’ and ‘scorched’ would look so nice! 

I definitely think it lives up to the hype as these are my fave types of colours and the quality is so good. This palette is perfect for transitioning from summer to autumn and I’m sure I’ll still be using this well into winter! What do you think of this palette? Have you tried it yet?

I’m wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade in soft brown, with Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder in dark brown and Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.


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