In September I will be going into my third and final year of university so I thought I would go all out and buy some really nice stationary to help get me through the most difficult year. To some getting my stationery organised now might be a bit too soon but I like to be prepared and its just one less thing to worry about for when I move back to York in September. It’s already August so it will no doubt be September before I know it, so its best for me to get it all sorted now and I’m glad I got some of these items early as I haven’t seen them in store since!

A few months ago I bought these two Cath Kidston A4 notebooks to use during lectures. Usually I would buy notebooks like this and never use them as I used to think they were to pretty to use! But now since seeing my large notebook collection I’ve started to get a grip and actually use them! These two Cath Kidston books were irresistible, one is from the Disney x Cath Kidston 101 Dalmatians collection with cute dalmatian puppy’s on and the other one is just a lovely pink flower pattern. They are so gorgeous that they might actually get me excited to write pages and pages of notes in them! I like how they are ring bound so you can fold them over, I just prefer writing like this and the fact that the rings are gold is the cherry on top for me! The Disney one was £14 and the other £13, which is on the expensive end for notebooks but the cover is hard back and the paper inside is really thick and good quality.

I love to be organised with assignments and appointments so having a dairy is essential for me. This year I’ve bought two as I couldn’t really decide between the two of them! But I’ve decided that I am going to keep the bigger one in my room at uni and take the smaller one with me to lectures and bring home back to Newcastle on the weekend. I had originally looked in Paper Chase for a nice academic diary but I didn’t really like any of the designs they did. So I decided to have a look in T.K. Maxx for a change and I came across these two gorgeous diaries. They’re both by the brand Fringe, the smaller one is a gorgeous blush pink with rose gold embossed writing on the front. It is ring bound and has a soft faux leather cover. Inside it is grey and starts from August 2017 to December 2018. The large one is also from August to December and is set out the same as the smaller one.

If you’re wondering why there is a sausage dog in these photos, its actually a pencil case! I love sausage dogs they’re one of my favourite breeds so when I saw this in Tesco I had to have it. This is one of the less ‘cool’ items I’ve bought for next year but I am studying Animal Management, so I think my class mates will understand me and think its cute and not weird (hopefully). It is padded so you cant actually get a lot in there which isn’t really good for me as I like to have a few black pens and a few more coloured pens to make my notes interesting! So this might just have to be a decoration in my room if not much will fit!

I also bought a list pad to write down all of the tasks I have to do and help me remember them all. This is from T.K. Maxx as well and has a lovely palm tree leaf print on it. Lastly I stocked up on new pens, I use coloured pens when making revision notes as it makes it a lot less boring for me and helps me remember information. So I got these gorgeous pastel gel pens from Paper Chase and 8 pastel highlighters from WHSmiths for £5.99. I feel like I am always highlighting research papers so being able to do this with pastel pens seems like it will make it more fun!


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