After years of wanting one my mum and I have finally bought a kitchen aid mixer like you see on the great British bake off. In light of our incredible new piece of equipment we have been baking like crazy these past few days. I love baking and since recently turning vegan I have been experimenting with different alternative ingredients, I have a few recipes that I really want to share with you all but I’m not sure if I want to write them as a blog post or create a video for YouTube. If you could let me know what you would prefer that would be much appreciated! Today I just wanted to share with you one of my favourite quick and easy recipes for a delish vegan snack!

All you’ll need are some rice krispies, I used Kellogg’s rice krispies as they’re vegan, some vegan butter, I used Vitalite, some vegan marshmallows, I used Freedom confectionary marshmallows and some vegan chocolate, I used Green and Blacks dark chocolate.

The method is so easy, all you do is melt the butter, add the marshmallows, wait until they’re melted, add the rice krispies and mix with the melted marshmallows. Then pack the rice krispie and marshmallows into a lined tray, melt the chocolate and pour on, then put the tray in the fridge to set for a while. Once its set you can take it out of the tray, cut off the edges and cut into squares and they’re good to eat! These are my fave snacks they’re so tasty and are so easy to make! If you give this a go make sure to tag me on instagram or twitter I would love to see you recreations!


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