When I first went vegetarian I was sort of embarrassed about it and if people would ask me why I didn’t eat meat I’d just say that I didn’t like the taste of it, which wasn’t true. So I never wanted to advertise it but now I am proud of my decision to avoid contributing to the exploitation of animals and I want to show it off which is why I’m so obsessed with vegan promoting clothing! I feel like vegan clothing has come a long way in the past few years all I could ever find when I first started looking were either really boring and bland or super over the top. But I’ve finally found some cute designs that I could actually see my self wearing on a daily basis. Below are some of my favourite brands and their pieces that are currently on my wish list that I feel like any veggie needs in their wardrobe!

Animal Lover / You’re My Other Half / Vegan At Heart

Avokado – I found this brand very recently and immediately fell in love with everything they sell as the majority of their designs are based around avocados! I could eat avocados all day every day so its no surprise that I’m so in love with this brand! I have the animal lover t-shirt and the avocado definition t-shirt.

Vegan Vibes / Go Vegan Baby / Vegan For The Voiceless

In The Soul Shine – I have been eyeing most of these t-shirts for months and always check on their website to see if they have any new designs. I heard about this company through Australian YouTuber Bonny Rebecca, and whenever she wears any of their products they always look really nice. These products are sweatshop free and ethically made which is amazing!

We Are One / Plant Based Princess / Veganism Is Magic

Viva La Riva – Viva La Riva is a cute etsy shop that sells vegan inspired pieces that are printed on organic bamboo t-shirts and $1 from every sale goes to an animal or environmental charity.

Liberation For All / Captivity Is Cruel / Animal Entertainment Is Enslavement

Vegan Veins – This brand has been on my radar for years, with their most famous t-shirt being the ‘not your mom, not your milk’ design.

Lettuce Eat Plants / V / Don’t Be Eye Candy

Vegetaryn – Vegetaryn is a brand ran by a vegan YouTuber named Taryn, her brand name is a play on the words vegetarian and her name Taryn, although I’m pretty sure shes vegan. She has simple t-shirt designs and ones that are more intricate, my favourite is the ‘don’t be eye candy, be soul food’ design.

Eat More Plants / Love Your Mother / Plant Based Babe

Barefoot Babes – I have recently came across this brand and instantly fell in love with everything they sell, I feel like their designs are quite retro and remind me a bit of 70/s style with the colours and fonts they use. The owner hand draws and designs every graphic on their products which gives a much more personal unique feel to their products.

Equal / Compassion Over Cruelty / Stay Wild & Eat Plants

Tantamount Apparel – This company has some very subtle designs that hint to veganism and some that are quite clearly vegan promotion. I love the first design with the words on the pig, as you so often see these sectioning images of animals that say ‘rump’, ‘leg’ and ‘breast’ as if they aren’t living beings just food on your plate. This design might remind people that they’re actually animals that want to live.

Vegan Is / Let Them Live / Freedom For All

Meaningful Paws – Lastly but not least is the brand Meaningful Paws, this company also produces their products sweatshop free, child labour free and are eco friendly. They have such cute designs I especially love the middle one that says ‘let them live where they belong’ which is a nod to organisations like Sea World that enslave beautiful animals for their own profit.

These are only a few of my favourite vegan brands, but there are so many out there with loads of different designs to appeal to any ones personal style. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that it has inspired you not to shy away from expressing your feelings and beliefs about things you’re passionate about, wear your message on your chest!


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