If you don’t follow me on youtube here is the link to my channel, but I have decided to try to vlog everyday or at least post a video everyday throughout the month of June. So far I have been successful and have two vlogs up, todays video will be up at 5pm today.

Watch day 1 & 2 here

In this video – I booked a holiday to Mexico, meet my new rabbit Hector & see what food I buy as a vegan from Tesco!

Watch day 3 here

In this video – Come to work with me and meet some of the most amazing animals I work with like little Rory the armadillo!

Watch day 4 here

In this video – At work again dealing with a very naughty Armadillo & having a pamper sesh.

Day 4 will be going up at 5pm today so make sure your subscribed to my channel so you don’t miss it & I will be back to posting normal blog posts tomorrow 🙂


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