I love reading peoples what I got for Christmas/Birthday posts but I always feel a bit apprehensive to post my own as some people see them as bragging or showing off. When I read these types of posts I feel happy for the person and don’t see it as bragging, as all of the people I follow are grateful and genuine. I don’t intend to show off and I know how lucky I am, I was yet again spoilt rotten by my friends and family and I absolutely love everything I received. I’m not going to go into detail about every single thing I received, I just want to mention a few of the main ones.


Samsung TV – I had mentioned maybe buying myself a new TV for my bedroom months ago and never did anything about it so it was a complete surprise when I unwrapped a gift to reveal a TV on Christmas morning from my parents! I used to have a 22 inch TV and the new one is 32 inches, so its quite a big difference. It isn’t in the photo above as its already on my wall! It’s a white Samsung TV and just the perfect size for my room.

Dyson Supersonic – I had seen the Dyson supersonic hair dryers all over and really liked the look of them. My mum was sceptical about it and wasn’t sure if they’d be worth the money but I have used it a couple of times now and I love it. It is really quite and light weight, I love the unique design and how it leaves my hair looking once dried. I never let my hair dry naturally as I haven’t found the best way to manage my wavy hair so since I use a hairdryer nearly every other day, I need a decent one that isn’t going to subject my hair to more heat damage than it is already getting. The Dyson hair dryer automatically checks the temperature its giving out I think 6 times a second which ensures your hair never heats up too much and protects it from damage.

GHD Straighteners – I have only ever used GHD straighteners for as long as I’ve been straightening my hair and I think I’ve had my last pair for at least 8 years. They’re such good quality that I didn’t even need another, but my hair is really long now and it takes ages to straighten so I wanted some GHDs with the wide plates. I’ve used them a couple of times now and I’ve noticed the difference in how much faster it is for me to straighten my hair with the wide plates. I will still use the thin ones that I have for curling my hair and I will bring the thin ones back to uni with me.


Make up – My brother bought me the Charlotte Tilbury film star bronze and glow palette and the cheek to chic blush in the shade first love. I am yet to try these out but they look stunning and I love Charlotte Tilbury makeup so I’m sure I’ve love these two products. My parents got me two new makeup brushes one from Real Techniques which has a gorgeous purple diamante handle and a Spectrum rainbow fan brush. I also got a replacement Real Techniques makeup sponge, some Zoella and Ted Baker products.

Sensationail gel nail polish – I have been obsessed with gel nails recently so my parents got me the Sensationail polish to gel kit which contains a clear gel polish base that you add any normal polish to, a UV lamp and loads more accessories. I also got a matte gel top coat and a very festive red gel polish colour. I’ve already got nail primer, gel cleanser and a top coat and base coat so the things I receieved this Christmas just finishes my collection off nicely. I love to wear gel nail polish on my toenails as it lasts so much longer, I used to go to a salon to get my nails done every 6 weeks or so and it was just so expensive so I can now do them myself and it will save me a load of money!

Bath and Shower – From my brother I also received a huge Soap and Glory kit with loads of their products in and a big box of Lush goodies from my auntie which I can’t wait to use!


Bags – I am so so lucky that I received two gorgeous new bags off my parents for Christmas this year! A gorgeous medium sized maroon Ted Baker bag and the cutest black backpack with embroidered woodland animals which is totally my cup of tea!

Boux Avenue PJ’s – Every year I get a new pair of PJ’s on Christmas Eve and this year I got two pairs of Boux Avenue PJ’s. One set were the purple gingerbread men and the other were the pink present set which you can see in my Christmas PJ wish list post here.

Disney toys – I am 23 but I still collect Disney cuddly toys, it seems silly but I am obsessed with Disney and have been ever since I was a child. I only collect the toys that are from my favourite movies, I have quite a few of them now and I think with the addition of Tod and Copper my collection is complete for now.

Chilly’s water bottle – I have seen these Chilly’s water bottles advertised on Facebook for months and apparently so did my Mum! She got me the avocado one which is so cute and so appropriate for me as I love avocados! I am going to be taking this bottle with me to uni as it keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours apparently!

I am so lucky and grateful for all the gifts I received this year and love every single one of them. I would love hear what you all of you got for Christmas or see your blog posts about your gifts if you’ve done similar, leave your links below or tweet me!


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