It was my 23rd birthday on Tuesday just gone and I was spoilt rotten, so I thought I’d show you all what I got for my birthday off my parents. I have got a few other presents off my friends and other family members but I took these photos straight way on my birthday morning before seeing people so I haven’t included them in this post. I still haven’t seen a couple of my friends yet and I didn’t want to include presents off some of my friends and not include others so I thought it would be best to just show what I got of my parents for now. (I am literally just disclosing this incase my friends see this and don’t see their present and think I’m ungrateful, I’m totally not I just didn’t want to include some and not others!) I am so grateful for everything I received off all of my family and friends, I did give my mum a little list of ideas but the majority of the presents were lovely surprises.

My parents got me these amazing birthday balloons, they’re massive and I’m obsessed with them! I have them in my room at the moment and I cant get over how big they are, they almost take up my whole room!

I opened this Kate Spade bag last and it was a huge surprise, I did not expect it one bit but I am in love with it! It is a gorgeous tote bag with rabbit ears and gold whiskers on the front, then on the back it has a white fluffy pompom on like a tail! If you didn’t know already I am obsessed with rabbits so this bag is literally perfect for me! I also got two furry key rings one is a peach and the other is a black rabbit.

I also received a few makeup essentials like the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray and naked skin concealer that I had ran out of. I got a gorgeous nails inc polish and bunny face mask! I got two eyeshadow palettes, the Anastasia Beverly Hills modern renaissance palette and the Urban Decay naked heat palette. I have been wanting them for quite a while and I’m so happy to have them, I tried out the modern renaissance palette on my birthday and its absolutely gorgeous, I’m yet to try the naked heat one but I’m dying to give it a go! I also got the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder and one of her brushes, it is the number 7B and its actually the best brow brush I’ve ever used! The brush is uber thin and makes drawing hair like strokes so easy, my eyebrows have never looked better since starting to use this!

All I ever wear are converse so when my mum saw these bunny shoes she knew I’d love them, and I do! I am obsessed with them, they’re so cute, I love how their black and white so they will go with pretty much everything I wear! In the top left corner you can see a Mario Badescu sample kit, I love his drying lotion and wanted to try a few of his other skin care products, I’m especially excited to try the rose water.

I had seen the HP sproket all over and really fancied trying it as you can print photos straight from your phone to this mini printer. The concept is so cool and handy! I can’t wait to try it, I also got a lot of paper to use with it which has a sticky back so you can stick them any where you want. I am wanting to make a scrap book of photo memories so this will come in so handy when I eventually get round to it.

I do love reading when I have the time but I never know what to read so something like the Zoella book club was perfect for me, my parents got me all of the books in the collection! I am very excited to read them as I think the majority of them are fiction which will be a nice escape and change for me as I usually read non-fiction. Sitting on top of the books is Meeko the raccoon from Pocahontas my favourite Disney movie. I collect the cuddly toys from my favourite Disney movies from the Disney store and I don’t know how many times I’ve said that they should sell Meeko and now they do! I am so happy with him, he’s so cute, yes I am 23 and still collect cuddly toys, I have no shame!

My mum knows I love Zoella and her products so she pretty much bought me all of her new Jelly and Gelato collection! The scent is gorgeous and the packaging is so cute, I love the pastel colours they will look so good in my bathroom!

Lastly I got these gorgeous gold Alex Monroe rabbit earrings to match my necklace I wear all of the time, they are so bright they put my necklace to shame as its a bit dull now I’ve had it so long! I know I will be wearing these daily now along with my necklace.

So that was a little look into what I got for my birthday off my parents. I am so so lucky to have overly generous parents, family and friends, I appreciate every single one of you! Thank you to everyone on Twitter and Instagram wishing me a happy birthday too, I really appreciate it!


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