I’ve started a Biotechnology Masters degree this week, don’t even ask me why I think this is a good idea but I’m doing it and theres no going back now! I did my undergraduate degree at a college and it was much smaller than the University I will be attending to do my masters so I can just imagine myself getting lost on more than one occasion! So to make sure I’m as organised as possible I packed my bag a few days early so I at least have everything I’ll need even if I do end up late to my lectures. I love seeing other peoples ‘whats in my bag’ posts and youtube videos so I hope you enjoy having a bit of a nosey in the bag I’ll be taking everyday with me to lectures.

The bag I will be taking with me is a Ralph Lauren backpack. I thought I’d bring a backpack rather than a handbag as it will be easier while I’m trekking round this massive campus everyday! I’ve tried to keep the contents of my bag to a minimum but there is still quite a bit that I feel the need to take with me so my bag is quite heavy already.

The first thing I have in my bag is my notebook from Cath Kidston, I got this along with another notebook last year for my third year of my undergraduate degree but I didn’t need to use it. So I’m going to use this one this year. I love the Cath Kidston A4 notebooks because the covers are hard back and they’re ring bound which makes writing notes much easier and more comfortable as you’re able to fold the pages all the way over. I also have a diary in my bag which is from TKMaxx, I used to always use a diary and planner in high school but I’ve never really needed to use one since doing my undergraduate degree as I wrote all of my deadlines and exams on a separate piece of paper which I kept on my notice board. I’m going to bring it with me to start with incase I do end up needing to use a planner but if not I will take it out of my bag to save on weight! In the photo above there is also a gorgeous pink and rose gold marble file which is surprisingly from Morrisons. I don’t think I’ll be bringing this with me everyday unless I end up getting loads of handouts etc as it doesn’t fit in my bag and I’d have to carry it in my arms everywhere. I just wanted to include it in the photo as its such a gorgeous pattern.

I also have of course my pencil case which is by Sophie Allport and has gorgeous sketched hares all over it. In my pencil case I have, pens, pencils, a ruler, tipp-ex, highlighters etc. I also have different coloured Bic pens as I like to write notes in different colours to help me remember them and so it breaks up information when I read it back.

I also will be carrying my purse which is from Ralph Lauren, car keys, iPhone, portable phone charger, MacBook and AirPods. I am not sure how often I’ll have to carry my lab-coat and goggles but I’m hoping not very often as they take up so much room in my already chock-a-block bag!

Lastly I have a little pouch which has a couple of essentials in it like, hand sanitiser, mints, hand cream, lip balm, body spray, tissues, and some invisibobbles.


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