I am going back to university next week to start my third year, I can’t believe I am going into my final year already, it has gone by so quick! It just feels like yesterday when I was nervously walking to my first class in a strange city 2 hours from home, but it has been so worth it! In todays post I thought I’d show you what I take to university with me with a whats in my uni bag post. I love reading these types of posts and watching these YouTube videos, so hopefully you’ll find this some what as interesting as I do!

My bag is from Kate Spade, I got it off my parents for my birthday and I am absolutely obsessed with it! It has bunny ears and nose design on the front and a white fluffy bunny tail on the other side. It is huge and fits all I could possibly need in it, which is perfect for uni as I have so many things to take with me to class. I am not 100% sure if I should use this bag for uni though as I don’t want it to get spoilt or damaged in any way. It doesn’t have a zip along the top of the bag so it is just open to the elements and in the bad weather I am afraid that when walking to class rain will get into the bag and spoil the contents! So I might yet switch to my Cath Kidston 101 dalmatian tote bag instead, as that one is waterproof and will still fit a lot of things in, we will see!

The first thing I have in my bag is my folder, this years folder is from Paper chase, I wasn’t too impressed with their stationery designs this year so this is the best I could do! I love the colour but I much prefer the designs they have had in previous years which were all different animals! They have done the animal design for at least 3 years and I have no idea why they wouldn’t do it again this year, they always sold out so fast! Any way I just keep lesson notes in here, various handouts and other important bits and bobs to get me through the day!

I then have my note book, I have to have a ring binder note book for when I am taking a lot of notes down as it is more comfortable for me to fold the pages over so that you’re not spread out too much. Usually I wouldn’t pick such a pretty note book to use for class as I never want to spoil pretty notebooks, but since this is my last year I thought I’d go all out!

I occasionally bring my laptop to class if we have assignment workshops as I can do my assignment right where I am and not have to treck over to the library. I don’t bring this to every lesson thought as I prefer to write my notes as it keeps me awake and paying attention! My laptop skin is from Coconut Lane and I’m obsessed with it! I feel like I should get a different one now though as it is the end of summer and this is quite summery. Luckily Coconut Lane have plenty of choice on laptop skins and you can get 20% off your order with my code ‘sophiefoster20’ at the check out.

Next I have my pencil case, this was from H&M last year and I just think its gorgeous, its a gold metallic colour and fits a lot of pens in which I like as I like to make my notes look colourful and less dull! I do want to change my pencil case for this year but I haven’t found a one I like quite as much yet.

Then I have my Chip and Dale ‘bits and bobs’ bag, this has everything from hand sanitizer and perfume to mints and a manicure set in it. I take this bag with me everywhere I go as it contains just about everything I’d possibly need during the day.

Lastly I have my planner which is from a company called Fringe, there is a direct link to this planner and the rest of the things in my bag in my university stationary haul post, which you can read here. I love this as it looks super cute and it also has a ring binder so it is more comfortable for writing in. I’ll write everything in this otherwise I’d forget everything!

I live on campus so I don’t bring my purse with me, this prevents me from buying diet coke during the day and its just an extra weight in my bag. I have a canteen card with money already on so I don’t need my purse during the day. That is just about all I take with me in my bag apart from my keys, phone and a water bottle.


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