My mum and I have known about and been wanting to visit Whitworth Hall Country Park for months now but we have only just got round to it! If you couldn’t tell already, I love animals so anything to do with animals I’m 100% up for. I didn’t intend on turning this little outing into a blog post which is why I talk about some things like having a drink in the hall etc but there are no photos of the hall. Which is what I’d have preferred for a blog post to make it through, but I’ve got so many photos I just felt the need to share them with you all and I had such a magical day I thought I’d share the joy and cute deer pics!

On Tuesday my mum and I drove the hour drive to Spennymoor in County Durham. We had read on the website and it said that you’d not be able to miss the deer on the drive up to the hall, we were on the look out but we didn’t see any. We drove round to the car park and still couldn’t see any deer, so we decided to go into the hall and have a bite to eat first before having a wander round. On the walk from the car park to the entrance of the hall we spotted the deer in a field in the distance, all running together in a herd. But within the blink of an eye they were gone. We decided to still go inside and have something to eat before trying to find them again.

Once we had our food about an hour later we went back outside to have a wander round the grounds, still no sign of the deer. We walked around the beautiful estate that was covered with gorgeous orange leaves for an hour. We came back to where we started and there were still no deer to be seen! I was getting disheartened but we continued to walk around and this time went up the drive way on the road we drove down to come into the park. Even after another 20 minute walk we still couldn’t see any deer and we thought it would have been because of the weather as it was quite windy so we thought the deer would be sheltering somewhere until my mum spotted two men who went into the park, which was closed to the public due to rutting season. The two men were whistling and calling out and it was obvious they were trying to herd the deer into the main park. We finally started to see little antlers running around in the distance. That was it, I was so excited to see finally catch a glimpse of the deer, I’m like a child when it comes to animals.

We waited quite a while for the deer to come closer but it was well worth the wait. I sent my mum into the hall to get some deer food from the reception and while she was away the deer spotted me and came running towards the fence. I had to stay behind the fence as it is rutting season so of course the stags would be quite feisty at this time of year. Any other time of year you can actually go into the park and be surrounded by deer but it was just as magical being able to be so close to them. I will definitely be going back when its not rutting season any more and I will be in full Snow White mode talking to the animals and all sorts! After feeding the deer a bag of food each and taking hundreds of photos my mum and I went back into the hall for a drink to warm up with. We this time sat in the lounge area which was super cozy and relaxing.

After that we were going to head back to the car and leave but the deer were all sitting down in a huddle warming up in the sun so I had to go back and take a couple more photos. The deer spotted me and came over looking for more food, so of course we went back inside and got another bag of food each and fed them again. I literally could have stayed there all day, I had to drag myself away from them when it was getting beyond two hours standing watching them. I would highly recommend visiting Whitworth Country Hall if you’re in the North East and an animal lover, it’s just beautiful, I will 100% be going back as often as I can!


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