Here I am, I managed to finish my first year of university even though I thought about giving up far too many times. One year down two to go and I hope for my mental state that they fly by as fast as this first one! I haven’t had the worst time ever at uni but I also haven’t had such an amazing experience like a lot of people do. But that’s ok I just want a degree and I’ll get on with life. I have noticed that I’ve grown a lot in confidence over this year especially in giving presentations and public speaking so that’s one benefit of going at least! I have been so excited for the end of this year as I have four months off and I really want to blog consistently. I used to be so into blogging in 2012 and I loved doing it so I hope I can get back into a routine now. I have also decided to start doing YouTube videos again, since stopping in 2014 I’ve been toying with the idea of doing them again and I’ve changed my mind so many times but I’m just going to do it and see how I go. I’m going to keep this update short and sweet as I’m going to be filming a chitchat get ready with me video tomorrow where I’ll explain what’s been going on in my life since 2014.

Since I have finished uni for the summer my mum and I have been making the most of it and we went back down to York to empty the last of my stuff out from my accommodation and we then went to the Designer Outlet and had a good shopping day. It was so nice to just chill and not have to worry about assignments! I went a bit wild and bought quite a bit so I thought I’d do a haul and show you everything.

The Designer Outlet has a body shop store where all of the products are at a discounted price. I have been using a sample of their vitamin E facial moisturiser under my make up that I got years ago (its probably out of date) and I love the way it makes my foundation look, so I thought I’d purchase a full size one. I bought it in a set with the vitamin E overnight serum oil and together they were only £18.90, from I think around £26 if I bought them from a regular Body Shop. I also thought I’d try the vitamin E face mist, I haven’t tried this before but I’m hoping it will be able to replace my Lush tea tree water which I’m almost out of. 

I love Joules clothing and when I spotted this gorgeous navy and neon orange striped jumper I knew I had to have it. I tried it on and it looks gorgeous, I’m all about comfort when it comes to clothing and this is just perfect in every way. 

The last shop we went into was Swarovski and at the last minute when my mum was paying for something I saw this bracelet at the till and had to try it on. It is a double banded bracelet with a friendship bracelet style on one band and lots of crystals on the other. Its so gorgeous and just attaches together with a magnetic clip so its really easy to put on. The only thing is that it was marked at £29 in the store and when I got home back to Newcastle I checked the receipt and the woman had charged me £43!! Theres not much I can do about it now unless I go back to York and it is a big saving from the £79 that it was but still its just so annoying!

When I saw the Calvin Klein shop I just had to see if they had those cropped vest/bra type things that have been popular for a while, and low and behold they did! They were £18 in that store rather than their original £25 so I bought myself a black one and a white one and just a normal black bra as well. I haven’t tried them on yet but I’m betting they’re so comfy!

These two last purchases were major! I had seen the first bag back in September when I first started uni and I was going to buy it in black but I decided that it was too small for my folders for uni so I didn’t get it. I’m glad I didn’t buy that bag as tan is my favourite colour for accessories and when I turned around and spotted the bag in tan I immediately grabbed it before anyone else could! The savings on this bag were huge, originally at £229 it was in the outlet for £139 and then with 20% student discount it came to only £111! Im so chuffed with it!

For a while I’ve been wanting a small structured bag like this to use when I’m out and about when I don’t have much to bring with me. I spotted this one for £55 which was originally £89 and with 20% student discount I got it for only £44! I love it and its the perfect size for everyday errands.

I now think I need to put a spending money ban in place as I’ve spent so much recently! But I think these can class as my end of exam treats haha! I will be filming my chitchat get ready with me video tomorrow and hopefully will have that up on my youtube channel tomorrow as well, if not it will be Tuesday. So if you would like to see that video my youtube channel is – calvirose.


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